Telomeres and the Hayflick Limit

As you age, your cells replicate and divide to produce new cells from your chromosomes. All of the information in your DNA remains the same. However, the tips of the chromosomes – your telomeres – shorten after each division.  These telomeres, as well as the enzyme telomerase that rebuilds them, are linked to the process Read More

Telomere Health and Stress: Are We Worrying Ourselves to Death?

  We talk a lot about free radicals breaking down our health.  While they can contribute to our bodies breaking down in lots of ways, we are most concerned about telomere heath and our wellness.  Just in the last few weeks, we’ve brought you scientific-backed articles on the connection between telomeres and cancer, and the Read More

Nutraceuticals in the New Year

  With the new year comes a lot of new resolutions. Many people focus on the New Year, New Your mindset.  But as we all know, many of us find ourselves slipping after just a few weeks in.  It could be the diet that cracks first, as we make that spontaneous decision to hit the Read More

Memory Boost: Diet, Exercise, and Nutraceuticals

  We live in an age where memory has become more of a luxury and less of a necessity when it comes to certain information.  Prior to smartphones, you had to either carry a small phone list with you in your purse or wallet or have a really good memory if you wanted to remember Read More

Shortened Telomeres and Cancer: The Connection

If you are a loyal reader of the Longevity By Nature Blog, you are no doubt familiar with telomere shortening. Therefore, you also know about the importance of fighting that occurrence to preserve, or even extend, your cellular age. While we know that shortening of telomeres can shorten your lifespan, experts in the field say Read More

Do I Need My Telomeres to Stay Healthy?

Telomeres are an extremely important part of the human body. Although you can not see them from the outside, they are still there keeping you alive.  So, yes. You need your telomeres! But why?  Why Do I Need My Telomeres?  Telomeres are located at the bottom of each chromosome. As we age, our DNA splits Read More

Are you taking the wrong anti-aging supplement?

Numerous companies promote anti-aging supplements, but do they all work equally?  Our team at Longevity by Nature wants to break it down for you.  Many anti-aging products promote physically looking younger, but not necessarily adding years to your cellular age or improving wellness from within. These products typically claim that they can fix skin elasticity, Read More

How To Live a Longer, Healthier Life

People generally believe life expectancy is based on genes. While genes definitely impact how healthy you are, it isn’t the only factor. There are many different ways to become healthier and live a longer life.  Today, Longevity by Nature is giving you four ways to increase your life expectancy!  Eat your Greens Research shows that Read More

Amino Acids Profile in Jellyfish Collagen

What are Amino Acids?  Amino acids are essential  for the human body. They are considered to be building blocks of protein. Amino acids help our bodies break down food, restore tissue, give the body energy, and much more. Our bodies contain 11 nonessential amino acids.  They are alanine, proline, glutamic acid, arginine, cysteine, asparagine, glycine, Read More

TWO Marine Collagen Sources / Brain & Memory Support + Flawless Skin Benefits

When it comes to collagen, we understand that there are many different formulas to choose from. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out, which is best for you. So, why Pure Marine Collagen Peptide™?  Hydrolyzed collagen type I & III is sourced from wild caught cod. Collagen type I & III only comes from Read More