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Anti Aging Tips

What are short telomeres? Anti-Aging Tips What are short telomeres?

Short telomeres have been associated with a variety of health issues, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.

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Telomere Testing Anti-Aging Tips Telomere Testing

To help you better understand the natural aging process, it is important to know what telomeres are, and how testing their length can provide valuable insight to the wear and tear you’ve put on your body.

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What are "Zombie Cells" & Their Role in Aging? Anti-Aging Tips What are "Zombie Cells" & Their Role in Aging?

As we get older, chronic diseases and other inflammatory conditions can develop in our bodies due to the accumulation of senescent cells. When senescent cells accumulate, they can then evolve into what are known as zombie cells. Zombie cells can roam free through the body and cause damage to healthy cells further deteriorating our overall health and well-being as we age.

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Does collagen help hair growth? Anti-Aging Tips Does collagen help hair growth?

Collagen has become increasingly popular among US consumers due to some promising reports of a positive impact on health, hair growth, memory improvement, and more. Primarily, collagen has been used to fight the effects of aging.

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Tips to Slow Down Cellular Aging Anti-Aging Tips Tips to Slow Down Cellular Aging

Although science has been unable to reverse the effects of aging entirely, there are several actions to be taken to help slow the process of cellular aging. Cellular aging is at the root cause of many symptoms we start to experience as we grow older.

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Tips for Healthier Skin Anti-Aging Tips Tips for Healthier Skin

As the largest organ of the human body, our skin is constantly working to keep us safe and healthy by protecting us from outside elements and regulating your body temperature.

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What are Telomeres? Anti-Aging Tips What are Telomeres?

If you’ve been looking into what factors impact aging, you likely have come across the word ‘Telomeres.’ The concept of aging has a variety of determinants to our aging trajectory. Many of these factors go back to one structural component within our cells, Telomeres. Keep reading as we answer one of the most popular questions on the topic of aging: ‘what are telomeres?’

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Strategies To Improve Your Mental Clarity Anti-Aging Tips Strategies To Improve Your Mental Clarity

Many people suffer from a lack of mental clarity and concentration, otherwise known as “brain fog.” Brain fog can affect everything from your work performance to your relationships.

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Is Collagen Good for Dogs? Anti-Aging Tips Is Collagen Good for Dogs?

Dog owners everywhere love to spoil their beloved pups with the best treats, foods, and supplements to ensure a happy and healthy life. As a dog owner, you may have heard of collagen for dogs.

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Why is Telomere Length Important in Aging? Anti-Aging Tips Why is Telomere Length Important in Aging?

Telomeres are the "end part" of chromosomes that exist to protect your DNA. They can be likened to the protective plastic caps on the ends of shoelaces that keep them from unraveling. As we age, our telomeres begin to shorten, leading to an increased risk of cellular death and age-related diseases.

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The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid for Hair Anti-Aging Tips The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid for Hair

You may wonder, is hyaluronic acid good for hair? The answer is yes. Hyaluronic acid nourishes and hydrates the deep layers of the scalp leaving your hair healthy and lustrous. Here’s how it works to promote hair health.

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Health Benefits of Collagen Peptides Anti-Aging Tips Health Benefits of Collagen Peptides

Aging takes its toll on the human body. It wrinkles the skin and causes achy joints and muscle and bone deterioration. For years, people have been trying to find a solution to reverse the effects of aging. Could collagen peptides be the solution?

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