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Telos95® is an advanced proprietary plant based blend of highly therapeutic polyphenols that are naturally sourced from grapevine and organic olive leaf. These phytochemical compounds fight free radicals and nourish the cells with nutrients that promote telomere and cellular longevity.

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Telos95® TeloYear Age™ Decrease & Telomere Lengthening


Decreased TeloYear Age™ P-Value - 7.42 E-01 Cell Age
Lengthened Telomeres P-Value 4.19 E-02


What are Telomeres?

Telomeres are the biological clocks that are ticking from the day we are conceived until the day we die. When cells divide and replicate, we lose telomere length. Cellular reproduction is required on a regular basis to repair damaged cellular tissue and to cope with oxidative stress. When telomeres are reduced to approximately five thousand pairs, our cells become senescent, which is a retirement like state where they no longer divide and eventually die. Telomeres are at the base of eukaryotic chromosomes, which prevents cell deterioration and makes sure the cells divide and replicate in a healthy state.

Telomeres are defined as the protective (cap) at the end of a chromosome structure that conveys the genetic communication to our cells. Telomeres ensure the chromosomes stability during the process of cell replication. Telomere length is essential for optimum cellular health. Chromosomes are capped by the telo (end) mere (segment), which is viable for the function and vitality of normal cell replicative senescence. Stress, poor diet, environmental toxins, electromagnetic fields (EMF), radio frequency radiation (RFR) from cell phones, cell towers, home utility smart meters, and chronic inflammation leads to oxidative DNA damage, which accelerates telomere shortening and premature cell senescence.

Telomere & Healthy Cell Division Breakthrough

Normal Cell Replicative Senescence

Biologically Ensures a Healthy Centrosome Matrix


Telos95® is the only plant-based, dietary supplement that aids in the chromosome stability during the process of cell replication. It’s vital that normal cell replicative senescence takes place, so the cells divide in a healthy state and telomeres remain at the same length or lengthen, which biologically ensures a healthy centrosome matrix and repetitive nucleotide sequence at each end of the chromosome. Innovative nutraceuticals from nature that are cell permeable compounds and energy rich molecules that naturally support telomeres and DNA genetic code replicative cell division. This unique proprietary blend is the only formula worldwide that is proven to lengthen human telomeres by 80% and lowers TeloYear Age™ by 7.42 years in just 6 MONTHS. Two highly therapeutic, food grade polyphenols that are internally derived throughout the blood brain barrier and mitochondrial biogenesis where DNA cellular changes take place.

2018 Princeton Consumer Research & HealthMED - Volume 13 / Number 1 / 2019

12-month study conducted in two phases, where the first 6 months will be the control phase (no treatment) and the following 6 months, 50 subjects will enter the treatment phase to assess the effectiveness of Telos95® (dietary supplement) to halt the shortening of telomere length as demonstrated by Cawthon qPCR Assay HealthMED - Volume 13 : Number 1 : 2019.

Telomere Length Increase Analysis

Cellular Age Decrease Statistical Analysis


Fifty (50) subjects completed all aspects of the study. Group A decreased TeloYear Age™ on average by 7.43 years. Group B decreased on average by 8.52 years. In addition, the average telomere length (ATL), also represented as the T/S ratio, Group A showed a baseline measurement of 0.85 and after taking Telos95® for 6 months it increased to 0.95. Group B baseline ATL measured 0.82 at baseline and increased to 0.94 post 6 months of test article usage.

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