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Telomerase Supplement for Longevity

Telos95® is an advanced proprietary plant based blend of highly therapeutic super powerful polyphenols that are naturally isolated from grapevine and organic olive leaf. These phytochemical compounds fight free radicals and nourish the cells with nutrients that promote telomere and cellular longevity.



Telos95® Supplement

Our initial research was about SIR2 Protein and Telomere maintenance in relation to the aging process. After experimenting with many purified natural organic compounds, our research finally succeeded in making the perfect composition and scientifically validated with clinically proven methods, TAT technology,  Cawthon qPCR Assay and TeloYears. 

In 2013, we partnered with Life Length of Madrid, Spain to assess the potential effect of Telos95® on telomere length in a cell line.  Telomere length and the percentage of short telomeres were assessed in a single assay using Life Length TAT technology. Results confirmed our research with positive indications of Halting Telomere shortening. To confirm further, in 2018, we partnered with Princeton Consumer Research to Assess Effectiveness of Telos95® on humans to Halt the Shortening of Telomere Length as Demonstrated by the “Cawthon qPCR Assay”. In fact, study shows in just 6 months by taking 95mg of Telos95®, you can lengthen your telomeres & decrease your TeloYears age (your cellular age) by an avg. of 7.42 years

Telos95® Ingredients

TELOS95® is isolated from plants and is based on a naturally sourced blend of organic olive leaf & Grapevine which are highly purified into active Super polyphenol compounds. These extremely high phytochemical compounds fight free radicals, nourish the cells with nutrients that promote telomere and cellular longevity and slow down the aging process of our healthy cells. Super powerful polyphenols that are clinically proven to lengthen your telomeres in just 6 months and decrease your TeloYears Age (your cellular age) by an avg. of 7.42 years.



Cell division can change chromosomes compounds. An enzyme called “Telomerase” protects the end of the chromosome and acts to rebuild telomeres.

Telos95® has been clinically proven to lengthen your telomeres and decrease your cellular age by an average of 7.42 years.    

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Telomeres Biologically Ensures a Healthy Centrosome Matrix

What Are Telomeres?​

Telomeres are the biological clocks that are ticking from the day we are conceived until the day we die.

When cells divide and replicate, we lose telomere length. Cellular reproduction is required on a regular basis to repair damaged cellular tissue and to cope with oxidative stress. When telomeres are reduced to approximately five thousand pairs, our cells become senescent, which is a retirement like state where they no longer divide and eventually die. Telomeres are at the base of eukaryotic chromosomes, which prevents cell deterioration and makes sure the cells divide and replicate in a healthy state.

Telomeres are defined as the protective (cap) at the end of a chromosome structure that conveys the genetic communication to our cells. Telomeres ensure the chromosomes stability during the process of cell replication. Telomere length is essential for optimum cellular health. Chromosomes are capped by the telo (end) mere (segment), which is viable for the function and vitality of normal cell replicative senescence. Stress, poor diet, environmental toxins, electromagnetic fields (EMF), radio frequency radiation (RFR) from cell phones, cell towers, home utility smart meters, and chronic inflammation leads to oxidative DNA damage, which accelerates telomere shortening and premature cell senescence.

A Telomere Definition

Telomeres are a sequence of 6 bases, repeated about 3,000 times, that can be found at either end of each chromosome. They act as protection for the rest of the DNA molecules found in every chromosome.

Many people describe them as the shoelace caps for your DNA – in the same way the plastic or metal ends to your shoelaces keep them from unravelling, your telomeres do the same for your DNA.

How Do Telomeres Work?

Telomeres work to prevent the ends of our chromosomes from both fraying and from sticking to one another. They also make sure that our DNA is copied correctly when our cells divide.

Our cells divide all the time to grow new cells, including skin cells, blood cells, bone cells, and others. Every time a cell divides, the DNA strands get slightly shorter.

Without telomeres, we would lose important genetic information from our chromosomes every time a cell divides, but instead, 25-200 bases within the thousands of repeated sequences in the telomeres are lost. They are vital for protecting our DNA, because once a strand of DNA has mutated (been damaged) it is no longer recognizable by enzymes and cannot be repaired. When mutation occurs, it can cause birth defects, genetic disorders, and other medical conditions.

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Telomeres and Aging

This telomere shortening described above is the process that is thought to cause aging in our cells, and consequently our bodies.

When the telomeres become too short, after around 50 cell divisions, our cells can’t divide anymore. This is known as the   critical length.

A telomere at a critical length is able to send a signal to the rest of the cell that the DNA has a problem and needs to be repaired, as opposed to copied. If it is not repaired straight away, the cell becomes inactive and will accumulate damage over time that cannot be repaired, and may die.  

Although there is evidence that there is a link between telomere shortening and aging, scientists are still not certain whether it results in aging itself or just signs of aging, such as gray hair and wrinkles.


How Does Telomerase Work?

Telomerase is an enzyme that actually attaches the telomere sequence to the ends of our chromosomes so that our cells can divide rather than age.

In our somatic cells (all cells that aren’t reproductive), telomerase is found in only very low concentrations. This means that the telomere sequence will not be added to and so these somatic cells will age over time and normal function will deteriorate.

In reproductive cells, however, i.e. egg and sperm cells, telomerase constantly adds more and more of the telomere sequence to the ends of chromosomes so that the DNA strands can never shorten.

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Telomerase and Cancer

Cancer is caused by cell division that is uncontrollable and, unfortunately, telomerase is found in particularly high concentrations within cancer cells. As telomerase keeps adding to the telomere sequence on the chromosomes in these cancer cells, much like reproductive cells, they become immortal and never stop dividing leading to tumors.

If there was a way to inhibit the activity of telomerase in cancer cells, the telomeres would be allowed to shorten as they do in a healthy cell until they reach a critical length.

However, any drugs that have the potential to do this would have an adverse effect on reproductive, platelets, and immune cells, resulting in fertility problems, ineffective wound healing, and the inability to fight off infection.

Benefits of Telomeres

So, what are the benefits of telomeres?

  • Telomeres play a crucial role in preventing the uncontrollable division of cells, which would otherwise lead to cancer
  • Telomeres help to protect your chromosomes from damage
  • Telomeres stop your important genetic information from being lost during cell division
  • Telomeres slow down the aging process until they reach critical length
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The Telomere Effect: How to Live Longer, Healthier and Happier Lives ​

In their book The Telomere Effect, published in 2017, Elissa Epel and Elizabeth Blackburn give evidence that, by living a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise, eating a nutritious diet, managing stress, and sleeping well, we are able to assist in reducing the rate at which telomeres shorten within our bodies, working to hinder the onset of any age-related diseases and therefore increase our lifespan. 

How to Look After Telomeres

As suggested in the book The Telomere Effect, we don’t have to leave the health of our telomeres entirely to chance. While many genetic disorders are caused by mutations before we’re born, we can do plenty to keep our cells healthy and rejuvenating for the rest of our lives. Here are some tips you can use to ensure you’re giving your telomeres good reason to delay shortening.

  • Keep your BMI in a healthy range – obesity puts a lot of additional strain on your body
  • Exercise regularly – even just a walk 20 minutes a day is better than taking no exercise at all (one study even found ) that men in their 50s who ran regularly had telomeres the length of men in their 20s, while sedentary men had 40% shorter telomeres)
  • Manage stress – those who have suffered chronic stress have been seen to have shorter telomeres than their peers
  • Prioritize your nutrition – eat antioxidant-rich foods such as fruit and vegetables, and try to eat whole grains when you can instead of other complex carbohydrates. If you can’t get everything you need from your diet alone, use supplements to ensure you’re getting a full range of vitamins and minerals. Our   telomere health-focused supplement Telos95 ® contains clinically proven nutrients to help you do this.

Prioritizing the health of our telomeres is one of, if not the key thing we should be doing if we want to live long, healthy, happy, and active lives!

Telomere & Healthy Cell Division

Normal Cell Replicative Senescence​

Telos95® is the only plant-based, dietary supplement that aids in the chromosome stability during the process of cell replication.

It’s vital that normal cell replicative senescence takes place, so the cells divide in a healthy state and telomeres remain at the same length or lengthen, which biologically ensures a healthy centrosome matrix and repetitive nucleotide sequence at each end of the chromosome.

Innovative nutraceuticals from nature that are cell permeable compounds and energy rich molecules that naturally support telomeres and DNA genetic code replicative cell division.

This unique proprietary blend is the only formula worldwide that is proven to lengthen human telomeres by 80% and lowers TeloYear Age™ by 7.42 years in just 6 MONTHS.

Two highly therapeutic, food grade polyphenols that are internally derived throughout the blood brain barrier and mitochondrial biogenesis where DNA cellular changes take place.

What Are Teloyears?

Generally speaking, the age of your cells in TeloYears is the actual age of a typical man or woman whose telomere length is similar to yours. More specifically, it is calculated using a complex formula that was built by our Telomere Diagnostics based on the following process.

How Teloyears Work?

First, we measured average telomere length on a statistically large enough number of people (over 10,000 subjects) so as to construct a nationally representative population. Next we built a mathematical model or formula by applying statistical methods to the population level results, including regression and variance analysis of the means and distributions of relevant sub populations.

Then, we compare the formula’s projected average telomere length for the typical person your actual age and gender to your own measured telomere length.

Finally, your cells’ age in TeloYears is determined based on where your telomere length falls on a distribution curve, which establishes a confidence interval around the formula’s projected mean for you based on the variance inherent in our method of measuring telomere length. Likewise we use this model to calculate the percentile score your telomere length represents as compared to a typical man or woman of your actual age.

The Science Behind Telos95®

Scientifically Tested & Proven

Princeton Consumer Research & HealthMED Publication

Telos95® is the only plant-based, dietary supplement that aids in the chromosome stability during the process of cell replication.

12-month study conducted in two phases, where the first 6 months will be the control phase (no treatment) and the following 6 months, 50 subjects will enter the treatment phase to assess the effectiveness of Telos95® (dietary supplement) to halt the shortening of telomere length as demonstrated by Cawthon qPCR Assay HealthMED.

This unique proprietary blend is the only formula worldwide that is proven to lengthen human telomeres by 80% and lowers TeloYear Age™ by 7.42 years in just 6 MONTHS.

Two highly therapeutic, food grade polyphenols that are internally derived throughout the blood brain barrier and mitochondrial biogenesis where DNA cellular changes take place.

Telemere measurement by quantitative PCR. Nucl. Acids Res. (2002) 30(10):e47

Telomere Length Increase Analysis

Cellular Age Decrease Statistical Analysis


Fifty (50) subjects completed all aspects of the study. Group A decreased TeloYear Age™ on average by 7.42 years. Group B decreased on average by 8.52 years. In addition, the average telomere length (ATL), also represented as the T/S ratio, Group A showed a baseline measurement of 0.85 and after taking Telos95® for 6 months it increased to 0.95. Group B baseline ATL measured 0.82 at baseline and increased to 0.94 post 6 months of test article usage.

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I've been using Telos95 when people get sick around me as a prevention. I never get sick. Actually, when I stopped taking it, I got the flu. So it's definitely working. Also helps when I feel a cold coming, the next day, it's gone.

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