What are “Zombie Cells” & Their Role in Aging?

Zombie cells & aging

As we get older, chronic diseases and other inflammatory conditions can develop in our bodies due to the accumulation of senescent cells. When senescent cells accumulate, they can then evolve into what are known as zombie cells. Zombie cells can roam free through the body and cause damage to healthy cells further deteriorating our overall health and well-being as we age. 

One of the many causes that lead to the existence of zombie cells in our bodies is telomere erosion. Although telomere erosion is a natural process we experience as we age, there are some steps we can take to slow down the rate at which our telomeres erode. 

One way to slow down telomere erosion is to take an all natural dietary supplement like Telos95 from Longevity by Nature.  Telos95 is highly recommended for individuals that want to protect telomere DNA and chromosomes to promote healthy aging. Telos95 is a clinically proven anti-aging supplement created by Longevity By Nature.  In addition to taking an all natural telomere supplement, eating a nutrient-rich diet and getting plenty of sleep and exercise can also help to slow down telomere erosion and the formation of zombie cells. Keep reading to learn more about zombie cells, their role in aging, and what you can do to slow down telomere erosion. 

What are Zombie Cells?

Zombie cells (stage 2) are the accumulation of senescent cells (stage 1 death of cells). Over time, senescent cells become ‘zombie cells’ when they stop dividing and functioning like normal and healthy cells. When we are younger, our body automatically targets and eliminates senescent cells, sometimes even before they have the opportunity to become zombie cells. However, as we age, more and more senescent and zombie cells can be left unaddressed and free to exist in our bodies because we lack the capacity to target and eliminate these cells as we had done when we were younger.

The main factors that turn healthy cells senescent and eventually into zombie cells are telomere erosion, DNA damage, oxidative stress, and oncogenic activation. Telomere erosion is a naturally occurring event in our bodies that occurs as we get older, however, the rate at which our telomeres erode can be accelerated by outside influences. These outside influences that can contribute to accelerated telomere erosion, increased oxidative stress, and oncogenic activation come from our lifestyle choices and the condition of our environment.

For example, not eating a diet rich in healthy nutrients, not drinking enough water, not sleeping well, smoking cigarettes, excessive alcohol consumption, and not getting enough exercise can all be considered lifestyle choices that can influence how our cells age. When it comes to the environment we live in, being overly exposed to pollutants in the air, water, and soil can also have a similar negative impact on our cells. 

All of these factors stemming from lifestyle choices and living environment can contribute to healthy cells becoming zombie cells. Zombie cells that remain in our bodies as we get older can then further accumulate, mutate, and secrete toxic chemicals. The toxic chemicals that secrete from zombie cells can cause inflammation, oxidative stress, and damage healthy cells to a point where chronic diseases can develop

What is the purpose of Zombie cells?

Zombie cells are stage 2 senescent cells that accumulate and mutate which can cause damage to other healthy cells and chronic diseases to form in our bodies. However, some scientists do believe they can also serve another purpose as well. Some zombie cells can be embedded in young and healthy tissues to promote normal repair when those tissues are damaged. 

What is the role of zombie cells in aging?

When normal cells age to a point they no longer divide, they tend to die off and leave our bodies naturally. A zombie cell is a senescent cell that refuses to die a normal death, and instead, they freely roam through the body releasing toxic chemicals that can induce inflammation. The inflammatory compounds that form from exposure to the toxic chemicals that zombie cells secrete can be linked to Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and other age-related chronic diseases including cancer. 

Zombie cells can occur even when we are young. Although, when we are younger, our body is healthier and it contains the necessary capacity to target and destroy zombie cells before they can unleash their full damaging potential. When we get older, our bodies may not be as strong and they may lack the capacity to eliminate zombie cells. When we can no longer eliminate zombie cells through natural defenses, they are free to wreak havoc on healthy cells. 

Does everyone have zombie cells? 

Some scientists would argue that yes, we all have some level of zombie cells in our bodies, and as we age, the number of zombie cells we have can increase. However, although everyone can have zombie cells in their bodies, the number of zombie cells and the degree to which they can do damage to healthy cells may differ from person to person. Some of this may be determined by genetics, but a good portion of this could also be determined by lifestyle choices and the environment we live in. 

Could zombie cell research lead to a longer and healthier life?

Yes, understanding zombie cells, how they form, the rate at which they can accumulate, and how they can affect other healthy cells is essential to working toward living a longer and healthier life. One of the most important questions that scientists are trying to answer is how we can work to prevent zombie cells from forming in the first place. 

Until we have the concrete science behind how to prevent zombie cells from forming and how to eliminate them, even in old age, there are some recommended steps we can take to help eliminate and reduce zombie cells in our bodies. We can take natural supplements that support cellular health and longevity, eat the right foods, sleep better, meditate, exercise, and work to reduce the amount of stress we carry with us in our everyday lives. Additionally, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, not smoking cigarettes, and reducing our UV exposure may also help to keep our cells healthier for longer while reducing the chances of zombie cells forming. 

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Zombie cells refuse to die, hence their name. With age zombie cells can accumulate and cause sterile inflammation which can impact metabolism and stem cell function. As a result, aging is promoted and conditions associated with it may be promoted too such as Alzhiemers disease. We may not have complete control over our bodies but we should make every effort to promote good health and slow down aging. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, good sleep habits, and natural supplements are all a good effort to make every day to slow down aging and promote good health. Life may move fast but don’t forget to slow down sometimes, your health deserves you to be present.

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