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How to Protect Your Telomeres

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Protect Telomeres

A telomere protective diet can improve overall health while naturally increasing the length of telomeres. As we age it’s normal for telomere length to shorten along with other changes. Taking care of our bodies is one thing we have control over. As a human being, you should learn about telomere protection and find as many ways as possible to extend your life. While there are telomere protection supplements available, there are also natural choices and changes you can make in addition to taking supplements. Below we will educate readers on what exactly a telomere is and how you can protect telomeres. Keep reading to learn more about how to protect telomeres. 

What is a Telomere?

In simplest terms, telomeres are found at the ends of each of our chromosomes and are sections of DNA. Telomeres are made of the same sequence of bases. The sequence is then repeated over and over again. In humans TTAGGG is the sequence for telomeres. Telomere sequences can repeat about 3,000 times. Three main purposes of telomeres are to protect the ends of our chromosomes, organize each of our 46 chromosomes in the nucleus, and allow chromosomes to be replicated properly during cell division. As humans age, telomere length shortens. Telomeres are a critical part of human cells that impact how cells age. They protect the vital information in our DNA.

How Protecting Telomeres Increases Longevity

Protecting telomeres helps protect genome integrity. If an individual experiences progressive shortening of telomeres it can affect the health and lifespan of that individual. Lifestyle factors can either increase or decrease the rate of telomere shortening. There are “better” choices in terms of diet and activities that can help improve longevity and avoid telomere shortening. Doctors can examine telomeres to determine how a patient is aging. While it’s normal for telomeres to shorten with age, individuals can maintain healthy telomeres by living a healthy lifestyle. Patients with shorter telomeres may be more likely to develop certain disorders or diseases.

How can I increase my telomere length naturally?

Individuals can slow telomere shortening or increase telomere length by making a few simple changes. Treatment can vary patient to patient, but ideally treatment will increase telomere length and overall health. Patients should take advantage of telomere testing to improve overall health and slow down aging. Stress, age, and genetics can contribute toward telomeres.  Let’s look at a few ways individuals can increase telomere length naturally:

Telomere Protective Diet

A telomere protective diet is one that is packed with foods that are high in vitamin C, polyphenols, and anthocyanins. Certain foods can lengthen telomeres while also providing a positive balance that can protect DNA from stress. Some foods that are part of a telomere protective diet are. . .


Spinach can be eaten raw or added to plenty of home cooked meals such as lasagna or omelets. It’s a telomere saving food that you will want to eat as much as you can. Spinach is rich in fiber and antioxidants, thus making it a great telomere protectant. It’s one of the top sources of folate which is a B vitamin needed for DNA synthesis, repair, and metabolism within the cell. 


Flax is rich with omega-3s. You can add flax to your salad or smoothie easily to incorporate it into your daily diet. Omega-3s can prevent inflammation and build cell membranes throughout the body. Omega-3s can also be found in leafy green vegetables or fish oil supplements.


Oats can prevent insulin resistance that can easily damage telomere health. Most commonly oats are eaten for breakfast as a way to start your day practicing a telomere protective diet. However, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate oats into your diet. Try making homemade oat bars for snack or adding oats to a healthy salad. For a double win, eat oats and berries together. Oats are packed with soluble and insoluble fiber.


Berries are nutrient-rich and loaded with antioxidants that can fight cell damaging free radicals. Plant based diets are highly recommended if you are trying to protect telomeres as fruits and vegetables are a great source of antioxidants. In addition to berries, carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, and other vegetables are packed with antioxidants. You can also get a healthy dose of Vitamin C from potato skins, tomatoes, and so on.

Try natural supplements

Natural supplements can help improve telomere health. In addition to a telomere protective diet, you should take natural supplements. If you are looking for a natural supplement that can support telomere health, try Longevity By Nature’s Telos95 telomere supplement.

Telos95 is a clinically proven anti-aging telomere lengthening and lowering cellular age supplement. It’s made of an advanced proprietary plant-based blend of highly therapeutic polyphenols. Telos95 is isolated from plants and based on a naturally sourced blend of organic olive leaf and grapevine. Telos95 can fight free radicals, nourish cells with nutrients that promote telomere and cellular longevity, and slow down the aging process of our healthy cells. Telos95 features super powerful polyphenols that are clinically proven to lengthen your telomeres in just 6 months and decrease your TeloYears Age (your cellular age) by an average of 7.42 years.

Air Pollution Limitation

Air pollution can have effects on the cardiovascular system. In recent years, it’s also been acknowledged that air pollution may accelerate biological aging. 


Meditation can help reduce stress which can improve your overall health, including telomere health. It’s believed that anxiety, stress, and depression shorten telomeres. In addition to exercising, you should try mediation or other stress relieving activities to maintain a healthy body and telomeres. 

Get plenty of exercise

You are probably aware that exercise is an essential part of overall health. However, it’s also essential to your cellular aging as well. Some of us may not enjoy exercising, but it’s important that you find a way to enjoy exercise and incorporate it into your regular schedule. Whether you rollerblade the boardwalk or take long hikes, exercise can benefit your health in numerous ways.

Maintain healthy weight

A healthy body weight is important for your overall health. Obesity can cause oxidative stress and weaken your immune system. Oxidative stress can increase the rate of telomere shortening, thus proving the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight.

Try Telos95 from Longevity by Nature

Protect Telomere DNA & Chromosomes with a Telomere Supplement. Daily dosage of 95mg is very important when it comes to supplementing with Telos95 for Telomere health. Taking too many supplements of high dosage of  antioxidants, can damage our cells and may cause further degradation to healthy cells and become cell senescence ( cell death).  Longevity By Nature proudly offers natural supplements that are made in the USA, FDA compliant, 100% GMO free, and clinically proven. 


Protecting telomeres can lengthen your healthy lifespan. Regardless of your age, you should always make an effort to practice a healthy lifestyle. The habits you establish at a young age can stay with you for the rest of your life. In addition, the less abuse your body takes, the better chance you have of staying healthy longer. In conclusion, longer telomeres are associated with a longer life. There’s no better time to start focusing on maintaining a healthy weight, eating a telomere protective diet, and simply taking care of your body. While you may not want to add in a natural supplement until you need to, when the time is right, visit Longevity By Nature to discover natural supplements that you can trust.

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