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Telomere Health and Stress: Research & Findings

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We talk a lot about free radicals breaking down our health.  While they can contribute to our bodies breaking down in lots of ways, we are most concerned about telomere heath and our wellness.  Just in the last few weeks, we’ve brought you scientific-backed articles on the connection between telomeres and cancer, and the link between telomeres and the brain’s structure. 

The Experts on Evolution

Today, we’d like to share with you research from top experts published in the Letters of Ecology.  These scientists – Szymon M. Drobniak, Marion Chatelain, and Marta Szulkin dive into how stressors may impact the lifespan of a human – more specifically concentrating on telomere health.

Drobniak is an evolutionary biologist at the University of New South Wales. Chatelain is an evolutionary ecologist at the University of Innsbruck, and Szulkin is a professor of Wild Urban Evolution at the University of Warsaw.   When speaking about the research in his piece for The Conversation, Drobniak said their research pinpoints:

“…factors that influence one of the most important aspects of the aging process, at the fundamental level of our DNA. It suggests how stress can cause the biochemical body clock built into our chromosomes to tick faster.”

Their Findings

What the team was most stuck on was the cellular aging, and more importantly, what damages cellular age.  While they say their evidence is “piecemeal,” their commonality was that physiological stress – stress of our cells – played a role in the loss of telomere length.  This, of course, speeds up our cellular age.

They identified three of the most sinister stressors:

-pathogen infections

-competition for resources 

-intensive investment in reproduction.

They also included more daily stressors like having a bad diet.  But the major culprit in their eyes was oxidative stress. Drobniak elaborates in his article:

“When cells are stressed, this often manifests itself through an accumulation of oxidizing molecules, such as free radicals. Residing at the exposed ends of our chromosomes, telomeres are perfect targets for attack by these chemically reactive molecules.”

It is research like this that the Longevity By Nature team will continue to bring you in hopes of bringing more attention to cellular age and the importance of fighting the free radicals that plague our telomere health.

The Answer: Telos95® 

One product that is clinically proven to combat this is, improve telomere health, and lengthen cellular age is Telos95®. 

Telos95® is proven to lengthen human telomeres by 80% and lowers TeloYear Age™ by 7.42 years. This can happen in just 6 months! 

Telos95® contains pharmaceutical food-grade polyphenols that our cellular system recognizes and promotes DNA cells to replicate in a healthy state. When our DNA cells replicate at a healthier state, our telomeres will not shorten prematurely. In fact, our telomeres will stay at the existing length or grow!

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