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Telomeres and Cancer

Telomeres and Cancer Cell Connection

If you are a loyal reader of the Longevity By Nature Blog, you are no doubt familiar with telomere shortening. Therefore, you also know about the importance of fighting that occurrence to preserve, or even extend, your cellular age.

While we know that shortening of telomeres can shorten your lifespan, experts in the field say they see a direct impact in the form of genetic conditions and diseases like cancer.  We want to break down that connection and the people investigating shortened telomeres and cancer. 

Telomere Expert: Titia de Lange Ph.D

This connection was made In a recent article published in the Environmental Factor, issued by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.  In the briefing, it outlined research from long-time telomere health expert, Titia de Lange, Ph.D.  Lange had spoken at a Distinguished Lecturer Series at Rockefeller Center in New York this November about telomeres and cancer.

de Lange told the audience that the shortening of telomeres plays a dual role in cancer development and progression. When each cell divides, its telomeres shorten slightly. 

Telomeres and Cancer

The end result is telomeres that are too short and lose their protective proteins that fight off the DNA destruction. 

The outcome is that the cells stop growing or die.  de Lange believes this opens the door to the biological beginnings of tumors.  As the cells become more unstable, mutations can occur.  

“The idea is that perhaps some of the genomic events that happen during telomere crisis contribute to the rearrangements that one observes in the cancer genome,” de Lange said. “We are very interested in understanding what the consequences are of this telomere crisis.”

Cellular health is not a priority for many, as the focus today tends to be on our exteriors – and we place priority on skin care, weight loss, or muscle development.  

There is one clinically-proven nutraceutical that helps fight off the shortening of telomeres, and in some cases, has actually lengthened telomeres. 

Telos95® – The right anti-aging supplement

The only supplement clinically proven to lengthen cellular age is Telos95®. Telos95® is proven to lengthen human telomeres by 80% and lowers TeloYear Age™ by 7.42 years. Not to mention, this can happen in just 6 months! 

Telos95® contains pharmaceutical food-grade polyphenols that our cellular system recognizes and promotes DNA cells to replicate in a healthy state. 

When our DNA cells replicate at a healthier state, our telomeres will not shorten prematurely. In fact, our telomeres will stay at the existing length or grow!

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