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Telomere Length Alters Brain's Structure

Telos95®Plant-Based, Telomere Supplement

We often discuss the importance of telomere length.  More importantly, we have shown how extending the length of telomeres can lower cellular age.  We will share more on the TeloYear Age clinical trial shortly. First, our team at Longevity By Nature wants to share with you important news. It comes from the Max Planck Institute, and it reveals that cellular aging is directly related to the structural changes in the brain!

The Problem

Telomere length is important and is considered a market for the cellular age of the person as opposed to their chronological age.  When two people of the same chronological age have different lengths of telomeres, that’s when we see a major difference. The person with the shorter telomeres has an increased risk of developing age-related diseases like cancer or Alzheimer’s.  It also can dramatically shorten life expectancy.

The Study

The Max Planck Institute, along with researchers from the University of California and the Social Neuroscience Lab in Berlin, examined a series of patients.  Participants in the study underwent four MRI exams, equally spaced over a year. Blood tests determined the telomere length using a polymerase chain reaction, and the scans determined the thickness of the cerebral cortex in each participant.  A thinner cortex is associated with serious health conditions.

The Findings

When the study concluded, researchers found that those people whose telomeres lengthened, their cortex had thickened as well.  However, those that experienced a shortening of telomeres also experienced reductions in their cortex, specifically the region in the brain called the precuneus.

TeloYear Age™ Study

This data does not come as a surprise to Longevity by Nature researchers.  That’s because we put Telos95®, the only plant-based, dietary supplement that aids in the chromosome stability during the process of cell replication, through a clinical trial.

Fifty people participated in the study in two groups.  Group A decreased TeloYear Age™ on average by 7.43 years. Group B decreased on average by 8.52 years. 

Telos95® is the only nutraceutical on the market that is clinically proven to lower cellular age. 

Would you like to try it?

Right now, you can receive your first bottle of Telos95® for free + shipping cost of $6.95. Just enter the coupon code: telomeres. 

If you have any questions about telomere health, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page!


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