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Pharmaceutical Food Grade For Telomere Supplements

Why Pharmaceutical Food Grade is Important for Telomere Supplements?

Pharmaceutical Food Grade

Did you know that fewer than 3% of products on the market are considered pharmaceutical-grade? That number is so small because these supplements are created in order to acquire the purest form of nutrients. 

Be careful of what you are buying! Not all products are made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients like Telos95®

To understand why this is so important, we need to break it down. 

What is pharmaceutical food grade? 

Pharmaceutical grade is a high-level classification that must meet pharmaceutical standards. It needs to exceed 99% of natural sources. Otherwise, it will fail to meet approval. This means, no binders, fillers, dyes, or other unknown substances. 

On the other hand, food-grade must meet the standards set for human consumption. Basically, it is just food that has proven to be useful for medical purposes.  

Pharmaceutical food grade is food that can be used as medicinal purpose and meets the pharmaceutical standards. They are sourced from nature’s food chain, which are organic compounds, not synthetically made in a laboratory. 

These products are only manufactured in FDA registered facilities. The difference in how these pharmaceuticals are developed can create a huge difference in the products’ bio-availability. Bio-availability is the extent to which pharmaceuticals can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Why do we need this for our telomeres? 

Our cellular system will only utilize nutrients that can be converted into molecules. These nutrients will then be assimilated by the blood-brain barrier where real cellular changes take place. This allows for our DNA cells to replicate in a healthy state. 

Because plant-based foods support your telomeres, then it only makes sense to purchase and consume pharmaceutical food-grade supplement for optimum benefits.

In fact, Telos95® is the only pharmaceutical food grade supplement that has been clinically proven to lower cellular age by 7.42 years in just six months. 

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