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Why Are Telomeres Important?

What Are Telomeres & the Importance of Them?

Have you ever wondered what causes humans to age – or how telomeres are connected to the aging process?

Why we age

Some theories say smoking or stress causes aging, while others argue not getting enough exercise or sleep. Although these are relevant factors that cause humans to age quicker, yet scientists today will show you data that the true reason people age is because of our telomere shortening.

What are telomeres?

Longevity by Nature® wants to explain how important telomeres are and most importantly, how you can protect them!

Telomeres are the DNA caps at the ends of our chromosomes.  Imagine them as the plastic caps at the end of a shoelace. These caps have three main functions: to organize chromosomes, protect chromosome ends and ensure the stability of cells, while they replicate during cell division.

Telomeres are not immortal. They are the biological clocks that are ticking from the day we are conceived until the day we die.

What happens to our telomeres?

Each time a cell replicates, telomeres get shorter and shorter. To break it down, at conception the body has 15,000 base pairs, at birth the body has 10,000 base pairs and when humans reach 5000 base pairs, the cells become senescent, which is a retirement like state where the cells no longer divide and eventually die.

In order to stay alive, telomere length (base pairs) are essential to human cellular longevity. Telomere length ensures healthy cell division and healthy cell senescence, instead of cell death.

This is called biological aging. People can’t live forever, but we can live better if we take the right preventative measures to protect our telomeres with highly therapeutic polyphenols that are plant based compounds, encapsulated in just 1 tiny 95mg capsule of Telos95®.

Telos95® is the natural alternative for healthy telomeres!

Longevity by Nature® formulated Telos95® to halt telomere shortening for optimum cell health. What we discovered to our surprise was that Telos95® lengthened human telomeres by an astounding 80% and decreased human cellular age on average by 7.42 years in Just 6 Months.  You can see the results of our clinical trial here.

Protect your TELOMERES today with Telos95®  Right now, you can save 15% off by using the coupon code: Telos95Just visit our website and enter the code on your first order.

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