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Telomere Protective Diet

How to Protect Your Telomeres & Foods to Lengthen Them

Telomeres play a very important role with our DNA chromosomes. They are located at the bottom of each chromosome that determines our genetic makeup inherited by our parents. Even though telomeres are designed to shorten as we age, we have more control over their length than most people are aware of. 

If you have long telomeres, then you have probably been taking care of your body long before you even knew you were. If you have short telomeres, then it might be time to start protecting them. 

Having short telomeres could be caused by smoking, drinking, stress, or not exercising enough.  Did you know that your diet factors into your telomere health?

What should I eat? 

You should protect your telomeres with plant-based nutrients. It’s essential to incorporate food-grade polyphenols into the diet because these are internally derived compounds that the body will recognize and utilize directly to the blood-brain barrier where cellular changes take place and naturally produces the telomerase enzyme to lengthen telomeres when our cells divide and multiple in a healthy state.

Wondering what polyphenols are? Polyphenols contain nutrients that we can receive by eating plant-based foods or taking supplements that contain them. 

Some of these powerful foods include nuts, dark chocolate, beans, fruits, cloves, etc. The best way to make sure you are eating for your telomeres is by sticking to a whole food diet. Whole food diets contain antioxidants that help combat free radicals.

If you have trouble sticking to a whole food diet, don’t worry! You’re not alone. 

Telos95® is a perfect plant-based formula that contains food grade polyphenols that are naturally sourced from grapevine and organic olive leaf. Just like whole foods, this supplement fights free radicals and produces the telomerase enzyme that increases the telomere base pairs for cellular longevity. 

Telos95® is backed by a published study that lowered human cellular age by as much as seven years on average. Some reversed their cellular age as much as 10 – 30yrs. 

If you have been treating your body poorly, it’s not too late to change! Try Telos95® today and receive your first Bottle Free + Shipping Cost $6.95. Enter Coupon Code: telomeres

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