Does Telos95® really work? See TeloYear™ Clinical Study Results

Telos95® is the only plant-based, dietary supplement that has proven to lengthen telomeres and lower cellular age. Learn more about TeloYear Age™ decrease and lengthening telomeres in just 6 months. Published study in HealthMED – Volume 13 : Number 1 : 2019

You might be wondering, what are telomeres? What is Telos95® and how does it work? In 2018, Princeton Consumer Research conducted a 12-month clinical trial testing Telos95® and its effectiveness on cellular aging

The Clinical Trial 

To break it down, the TeloYear Age™ clinical trial split up a group into two different parts, both 6 months in duration. During the first 6 months of the trial, subjects received no treatment (controlled phase) and were told to discontinue all other supplements. During the initial visit, researchers drew blood samples from subjects via finger prick and then sent the samples to Telomere Diagnostics Inc. to track current telomere length.  

After the initial 6 months, subjects divided into two separate groups (Group A and Group B) at random. Group A took one pill every day, preferably with a meal. While Group B took two pills every day, one being in the morning and one in the evening. Both groups kept a diary to track how they used the product and when they took it.

The results 

At the end of the 12-month clinical trial, lab techs took a second blood sample from the subjects to see if their telomeres had changed. Originally, the goal with the trial was to prove that Telos95® could halt telomeres from shortening. To our surprise, the results proved that Telos95® (dietary supplement) could, in fact, lengthen telomeres and lower cellular age

Fifty (50) subjects completed all aspects of the study.

Group A decreased TeloYear Age™ on average by 7.43 years. 

Group B decreased on average by 8.52 years.

In addition, the average telomere length (ATL), also represented as the T/S ratio. Group A showed a baseline measurement of 0.85 and after taking Telos95® for 6 months, it increased to 0.95. Group B baseline ATL measured 0.82 and increased to 0.94 post 6 months of test article usage.

Longevity by Nature® is the first and only company to show that telomeres can be lengthened with an all natural nutraceutical formula. Other companies may claim this, but they don’t have a human clinical trial to prove otherwise. Telos95® is a revolutionary supplement that promotes cellular and telomere longevity.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

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