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Transparency Labels for Nutraceutical Companies

The Importance of All Natural Nutraceuticals

We at Longevity By Nature believe that adding supplements and nutraceuticals to your daily routine is a good way to maintain your health and wellness. As the leading company in the USA with all-natural ingredients and no fillers, we understand first-hand why brand label transparency matters.

When searching for a nutritional supplement, you may find that not all supplements are beneficial to your health. In fact, it was not long ago that an interesting bottle or colorful design was enough to convince a person that a product would work. Be cautious of companies that advertise their products as being all-natural, and their label includes ingredients that do not match the message on their label. If this is off-putting, you might seek a company or product with more transparency.

What is Transparency?

Being transparent essentially means being honest. It is the industry norm to be transparent with customers, as they are becoming more conscious of what they are putting in their bodies. Among nutraceutical companies, transparency is avoiding false claims, not being vague, and disclosing what ingredients are in your products on the label. You want to create a lasting relationship with your customers, and being honest about your product is where to start.

What are Fillers?

Often included in supplements are fillers and excipients. Fillers are an inactive substance that is put into a product, like a capsule, that makes measuring the active ingredient easier. Excipients are also an inactive substance, and they act as the medium for another active substance. Both of these agents can be consumed. However, failure to disclose the presence of these substances on the label could be damaging to customer relationships.

Additionally, the FDA does not require a content analysis on dietary supplements. This means companies do not have to list all the ingredients, like fillers, on their labeling.

What Makes Our Nutritional Supplements Different?

Longevity By Nature is the leading company in the USA because of our devotion to making products. We produce all-natural pure food-grade ingredients with no fillers or excipients. Unlike other nutraceuticals, we rely on clinically-proven products and studies to substantiate our credibility.

Brand label transparency is important to us because we provide quality supplements and disclose all ingredients used. You can take our word for it, but why not see for yourself?

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