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We learn how we can better care for our bodies from the inside/out and spend more time researching what we put into our bodies.  Most importantly, we are becoming more aware about what NOT to put into our bodies.

Are you more inclined to buy food or dietary supplements when you know the ingredients on the label? If you said yes, then you might be a part of the clean label trend without even knowing you are. 

If you are not familiar with the clean label trend, then here’s a quick rundown! 

What Is The Clean Label Trend? 

The term “clean label” is basically just what it sounds like. A clean label! To be frank, it is a trend that consumers started, because of the created demand for real food and real nutraceuticals, not artificial ingredients. This means you are only putting products into your body that are 100% Natural (organically derived). REAL Ingredients, Not FAKE

Get educated on the 10 worst toxins hidden in supplements and food.

How Do Supplements Align With Clean Labeling? 

It is the same thing! Consumers want to walk into vitamin shops or health food stores to find products with real ingredients in them. Read the Natural Products Insider Article on contract manufacturing for detailed information.

The nutraceutical industry has a “clean label” standard of ingredients that are far more expensive than cheap fillers. At Longevity by Nature® we stands by that ethical principal as a dietary supplier for the last 3 decades.

A great example of a clean labeling supplement is Telos95®. This nutraceutical formula contains food grade compounds that are naturally occurring from grapevine, organic olive leaf, and organic rice extract encapsulated in a veggie capsule (no synthetic fillers or excipients). Telos95® combats cellular aging and promotes telomere longevity.  In fact, Telos95® is the only telomere supplement on the market today that is clinically proven to lower a person’s cellular age and lengthen telomeres in just 6 MONTHS.

With Telos95®, you know exactly what you are putting into your body, exactly what the supplement does for you and you don’t have to be worried about reading ingredients  you can’t pronounce, nor have to question the proven efficacy of the supplement.

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The information provided on this website is intended for educational purposes only. The educational material contained in this site is based on a careful analysis of the scientific literature and the experience of the Longevity by Nature® Sciences team. Our ingredients are cutting edge science and knowledgeable scientists have differing views as to its benefits and safety. We urge each prospective client to become educated about our ingredients and to consult their own experts prior to using any products that are true Anti-Aging, Health Mobility, Beauty dietary supplements. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.