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How to Protect Your Cells from Wireless Technology

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Face it; society is glued to their wireless devices. Between smartphones, wireless earbuds, tablets, and laptops, we are constantly living in a field of radiofrequency. There’s no doubt; we’ve conformed to become a society dependent on these devices. We almost feel naked without them. 

But does our reliance on wireless technology, come at a cost?

Wireless technology, specifically smartphones, works by sending and receiving signals to and from cell phone towers. These signals are a type of electromagnetic radiation that is called radiofrequency radiation.

What is RF energy? 

Radiofrequency radiation can have either very high energy or very low energy, which is viewed across the electromagnetic spectrum. 

RF radiation is on the low end of the spectrum, but that doesn’t mean it won’t affect you. This radiation comes in many different forms, some of them being: WiFi, Bluetooth, cell phones, and cell phone towers. 

How Does This Affect Me? 

When you use your cell phone or some of these other Bluetooth or WIFi-enabled devices to communicate with someone, it sends RF energy (signals) to a tower. This energy emits from these devices in all different directions, one of them being your body. 

Scientists have suggested that the exposure our body receives from radiofrequency radiation can lead to brain cancer, tumors, headaches, and more. However, this does depend on the amount of radiation you receive from your mobile device. The more you utilize these devices, and the closer these are to your body, the more radiation you absorb. 

You can receive more radiation based on how long you use your phone, how close your phone is to your body, streaming, downloading, or sending files from your phone, and how close you are to a base station (cell phone towers). 

The levels of RF radiation from the handset, to which your head is exposed, are around 100 to 1,000 times more intense than exposure from base stations.

This can be very damaging to your health. It is important to take even the smallest precautions  to protect your cells from unnecessary RF radiation.

In order to do this, you should: 

  • Carry your phone in a purse or backpack, not on your body. 
  • Sleep with your phone away from yourself. 
  • Talk on speaker, and do not hold it up to your body. 
  • Be aware of how many bars you have – if you have low bars, your phone will put out more RF in order to get a better single. 

How can we protect our cells? 

If the RF radiation is high, there are effects that raise body temperature. Even with the low levels of RF radiation that comes from cell phones, it can still cause health problems.  

RF radiation is non-ionizing radiation. This kind of radiation does have the energy to move or cause atoms to vibrate in molecules. (This is not enough to remove charged particles- ionize) Radiation is a combination of electrical and magnetic energy that travels through space at the speed of light. It is also referred to as electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

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