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What do Collagen Peptides do for your skin?

Discover skin benefits of collagen

Collagen Peptides Skin Benefits

What are collagen peptides?

Collagen peptides are actually an extremely beneficial substance composed of small particles of protein that are harvested from the cartilage, bones, and skins of different animals. Some of the richest sources of collagen peptides are from fish skin, jellyfish, cartilage, and eggshell membrane.  Collagen peptides, when ingested, can work to slow the aging process, improve different skin and joint conditions, and help to improve the health of human nails and muscle strength. Many people ingest collagen to help keep their bones, nails, hair, skin, and muscles strong and vibrant. Protein from collagen peptides has demonstrated some benefits to the health of many people as they age and cope with the pains and strains that old age can bring naturally. It is important to make the distinction between collagen peptides and types such as: type I, type II, type V, and type 10. The health benefits of collagen peptides could be considered to be much stronger than other types of collagen when consumed. 

Are collagen peptides good for skin?

Collagen peptides are great to help reduce the speed of the aging process and to keep skin elasticity. As we age, our skin can produce wrinkles, blemishes, and even benign growths such as seborrheic keratoses and cherry angiomas.  To help reduce the onset of wrinkles, the micro-proteins provided by collagen peptides have shown some promising results in individuals who consume collagen peptide products on a regular basis. Essentially, the peptides help to firm an individual’s skin and to keep it more hydrated and plump. Some researchers have found that collagen peptides can help the skin keep its hydration levels at a point where the skin maintains elasticity. 

How do collagen peptides benefit skin health?

Collagen is one of the most basic and major components of a human’s skin, and as we get older, our body’s ability to maintain the strength and elasticity of our skin becomes more difficult. Consuming collagen peptides can provide many benefits to our skin. These benefits can help to strengthen and hydrate skin as well as prevent wrinkles from forming. When human skin can maintain its hydration that is when we see some visible results in slowing the aging process and keeping people looking younger as they age. The recommended dose for someone looking for visible results would be anywhere between 3 to 10 grams a day for an average of 69-days. It is after this 69-day period that many participants in studies conducted on the effectiveness of collagen peptides reported seeing some noticeable changes in their skin hydration and elasticity. 

What type of skin conditions can collagen peptides help with?

The main skin condition that collagen peptides can help with has been skin issues connected to wrinkles and other conditions that can be the result of depleting collagen in our bodies as we get older. However, it is not just old age that brings on wrinkles, factors like excessive sun exposure, smoking, alcohol consumption, and a lack of sleep can contribute to the formation of wrinkles. It is these factors and combined with aging that can lead to a depletion of collagen levels in your skin. Additionally, it is believed that environmental factors like water and air pollution may also affect an individual’s body to produce and maintain healthy collagen levels. Here is a further breakdown of some of the most common skin conditions collagen peptides can help with.

  • The formation of wrinkles: Wrinkles are formed as an individual ages due to many factors. However, since collagen is one of the main building blocks of our skin, hair, bones, and ligaments, consuming collagen peptides can have a positive effect on those parts of our bodies. 
  • Depleted IGF-1  levels: As we get older there is a combination of factors that can induce frailty and mobility issues. Those factors include anabolic deficiencies, inflammation, oxidative stress, and poor nutrition. Another factor that can cause an individual to age more rapidly is an age-related decline in insulin-like growth factor-1. People who consumed collagen on a regular basis were found to see a slowdown of the decrease of IGF-1 levels. 
  • Transepidermal water loss: Transepidermal water loss is the amount of water that passively evaporates through the skin. When people consumed collagen peptides, researchers found that the group that was given the collagen peptides had shown a noteworthy reduction in transepidermal water loss levels. 

How do collagen peptides work?

Collagen peptide supplements contain extremely tiny pieces of protein that are harvested from animal cartilage. Since humans are composed of cartilage, bones, and skins, among other things, consuming collagen peptides can increase the build-up of protein in the skin, hair, cartilage, and bones. Many people and researchers have found that consuming collagen could help slow the pace of the aging process, reduce wrinkles, and add some much-needed strength flexibility to ligaments and tendons.

Do collagen peptides help reduce facial wrinkles?

Yes, consuming collagen peptides have shown a positive effect for reducing wrinkles as well as helping to prevent them from forming. One of the main reasons that wrinkles form is due to dehydrated skin cells. Collagen peptides have been shown to help increase the ability of our skin to keep its hydration which in effect reduces wrinkles.

Can taking collagen peptides help sagging skin?

After the age of 35, most people begin to start to notice a loosening of the skin that is due to a loss of collagen networks, hyaluronic acid, and elastin fibers. This is completely normal and part of the aging process, however, factors like a lack of sleep, poor nutrition, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and too much time in the sun can speed up the aging process and/or begin a loosening of the skin at an earlier age. Collagen peptides may encourage collagen production and lead to building a strong collagen network throughout the body. Other benefits of collagen peptides include increasing hyaluronic acid levels and fostering the growth of skin fibroblasts to help skin cells make connective compounds. There have been some encouraging studies on how collagen peptides can help sagging skin, including one study that found that the women in the study who consumed 10-grams of collagen peptides each evening before they went to sleep saw an improved skin collagen level after only 4-weeks. After 8-weeks skin hydration levels were noticeably better. 

Are there any side effects of using collagen peptides on your skin?

Overall, the consumption of collagen peptides in doses that do not exceed 10-grams and that daily doses do not exceed 5-months was found to cause any harmful or worrisome side effects. 

Where can I buy collagen peptides supplements?

There are many supplement brands that are sold both online and in health food stores, however, Pure Marine Collagen Dietary Supplements are sourced from 100% wild-caught fish from the Bering Sea and are considered to supply the body with 18 collagen amino acids that work to support younger-looking skin and healthier and stronger joints.

What are the best collagen peptides for skin?

Pure Marine Collagen by is one of the best collagen peptide supplements for the skin. This anti-aging joint formula is sourced from 100% Wild Caught from the Bering Sea. It can improve hair strength, nail growth, healthy skin, and better joint flexibility and strength.

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