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Memory Improvement

How Amino Acids in Collagen Help Brain Health

Jellyfish Collagen Brain Supplement

Brain health


Ever have trouble remembering what you were about to say? What about those days you just can’t seem to focus? You’re not alone. Millions are suffering from the same conditions, and it’s left many of us wondering, what’s happening?  

Our team at Longevity by Nature understands this can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. So, let’s break down how to fix this. 

Collagen: What is it? 

First of all, collagen is a protein found inside of your body. It is considered to be the glue that holds your skin, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons altogether. 

There are a few different types of collagen, one of which is type I & III, marine collagen. Marine collagen is derived from wild caught cod, which supports hair, skin, nails, bone matrix, increase circulation, ligaments, tendons, wound healing and muscle mass. 

How Does Collagen Help Brain Health? 

Collagen can be helpful in many different ways, but specifically when it comes to brain health and memory. This is all because of certain amino acids: Arginine, Glycine, Hydroxyproline and Hydroxylysine.

The amino acids profile in Jellyfish are unlike any other collagen type. There are twenty kinds of amino acids that support the body, each having their own functions. 

There are as many as one hundred thousand kinds of proteins that constitute the body, and these comprise only twenty kinds of amino acids in various combinations.

kollaJell™ is an advanced proprietary blend of highly purified food grade jellyfish collagen. This supplement supplies the body with multiple collagen peptides and naturally occurring minerals that bind to collagen proteins throughout the extracellular matrix. 

Why wait any longer? If you struggle to focus at work, school, or even in day to day life then try kollaJell™ today!  Right now, you can try kollaJell for free. Just visit and use code: kollaJell when you check out. Just pay $6.95 for shipping and handling. 



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