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6 Top Amazing Health Benefits of Persimmons

Amazing Benefits of Persimmon

We’re always seeing the latest new “superfood” in the news that we absolutely must add to our daily diet, but one fruit that hasn’t stolen as much of the spotlight as it should is the persimmon. These little orange fruits look a little like a cross between a tomato and an orange pepper, and are just as beneficial (if not more so!) to your health.

So, what exactly are persimmons and what are their amazing benefits?

What is a persimmon?

Persimmons look like a large orange tomato in your hand, but look a lot more like a peach as they grow on trees called Diospyros kaki, as well as other varieties of Diospyros tree. Persimmons are a berry that is usually a sunset orange in color, though can range from light yellow to dark, red-orange. They are generally about the size of your palm, though varieties range from less than an inch in diameter to almost 4 inches. Most have that round, tomato-like shape, but some varieties are more pumpkin- or even heart-shaped. For centuries, Asians have used persimmons for medicinal and cardiovascular health.

What are the health benefits of persimmons?

Persimmons offer a huge range of health benefits at only around 118 calories per fruit. Here are the top benefits you need to know about:

#1 They’re Rich in Flavonoids, Polyphenols, Tannins, Organic Acids, and Vitamins

Persimmons are full of incredible benefits, such as vitamins A (they contain over 55% of your daily recommended intake), C, E, K, and B6. They also contain a high amount of potassium, copper, and manganese, which are all essential nutrients.

They contain a huge number of flavonoids, polyphenols, and tannins, which are all essential in reducing oxidative damage in our cells which can lead to early aging and disease. Flavonoids have been specifically linked to a reduction in mental decline, heart disease, and lung cancer.

The organic acids in persimmons, such as tannic acid and gallic acid, are proven to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, which we’ll cover in more detail below.

#2 They Contain Powerful Antioxidants

When free radicals enter our cells, they can cause serious damage, potentially killing the cell.
The best way to combat the free radicals and the oxidative stress they cause is by eating antioxidants.

Persimmons are full or antioxidants which can help combat chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s. Persimmons are generally orange or dark orange in color, which makes them rich in beta-carotene, a carotenoid antioxidant that is present in all orange and red foods. Beta-carotene helps reduce the likelihood of heart disease and metabolic disease, but is most famous for its cancer-fighting properties.

#3 They Help Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol & Improve Heart Health

The leading cause of death worldwide is heart disease, but most heart disease can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways to reduce your risk is to eat nutrient-rich foods like persimmons.

Persimmons contain flavonoids called quercetin and kaempferol, which have both been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease because they help reduce bad cholesterol, and reduce inflammation which can further narrow blood vessels.

The bitterness of persimmons is caused by tannic acid which has been seen to lower blood pressure, which reduces stress on the heart. The heart is one of the only organs in the body that has to work 24/7, so the easier we can make its job, the longer and healthier it will be. Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol is a key way to do this.

The fiber in persimmons are also an essential part of their bad cholesterol-fighting qualities, as the high fiber content (6g) helps lower cholesterol by helping the body clear it out. One study gave adult participants persimmon cookie bars three times a day for 12 weeks found that it significantly reduced their bad cholesterol over the control group, who ate bars without persimmon.

#4 They Help Reduce Inflammation

Almost all leading causes of death have now been linked to chronic inflammation, so the more we can do to reduce inflammation in the body, the better. Almost all fruits and vegetables contain at least some anti-inflammatory properties, but this is one area in which persimmons shine.

Persimmons contain a potent amount of vitamin C, containing over 22% of our daily recommended intake. Vitamin C reduces inflammation and is an antioxidant, so the more of it we can eat, the better!

#5 They Improve Acne & Skin Health

Persimmon is a native of China, and the fruit and its leaves have long been used in Chinese medicine for a wide range of applications, but is particularly well known for treating skin problems.

Persimmon can help treat pimples and eczema, likely thanks to its high vitamin content and anti-inflammatory properties, which help clear the skin and reduce inflammation around blemishes.

Western studies have found that it not only has anti-inflammatory benefits for skin, but is also photo-protective, has anti-aging effects, and can protect against tyrosinase, elastase, and collagenase. It is also effective in skin-brightening, so there’s not much persimmon can’t do!

#6 They Protect Vision & Brain Function 

Persimmons are also well-known for their high lutein and zeaxanthin content, which are two forms of beta-carotene that accumulate in the retina (it’s one of the reasons we were told carrots would help us see in the dark as children!). Persimmons also contain fisetin, which is an antioxidant with particular benefits in protecting against cognitive decline.

What is the best natural persimmon supplement?

Unless you live in a city center or a health-food store, finding persimmons at your local supermarket can prove difficult, especially since they’re only in season in the fall. Their flavor also isn’t for everyone, as it can be bitter.

The best way to ensure you’re getting a sufficient diet of persimmon is to take Persimonal, an all-natural advanced supplement that boosts the benefits of persimmon leaves to give you effective heart health support and all the other benefits we discussed here!

Try a Breakthrough, Clinically Proven Supplement

Persimonal by Longevity by Nature is clinically proven to support immune function, heart health, reduce mild allergy symptoms (such as hay fever), improve skin health and appearance, and much more. It’s GMO-free, allergen free, vegan, and contains no preservatives – it’s pure, beneficial persimmon leaves with no filler ingredients!

Also, be sure to read these articles related to the anti-cancer benefits and research related to Persimmons:

Finding and eating all the superfoods isn’t easy, especially if you don’t enjoy the taste. Rather than trying to disguise the flavor in smoothies and other recipes, a concentrated supplement is easier and much more accessible, especially if you live in an area where finding persimmons fresh is almost impossible.

Persimonal is affordable and contains all the incredible benefits of persimmon, so to grab your bottle, click here.

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