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Top Ways to Improve Brain Function

improve brain function

In pursuit of a long and healthy life, we all want to do everything we can to promote good health and a sharp mind. Brain function is critical for us to navigate through all of life’s challenges. Maintaining a healthy brain is much like maintaining the rest of your body. We must eat a healthy diet, get adequate sleep, exercise, practice good hygiene, and use our bodies on a regular basis. While all of these things can promote good health and brain function, most of us need a little extra help. This is where natural supplements can play a big role in improving brain function and health. If you’re searching for how to improve brain function, you’ve ended up on the right page. Keep reading as we explore improving brain function and how the all natural supplement kollaJell can help. 

Benefits of improved brain function

The brain is an extremely important organ that helps us control our body’s functions and understand and interact with the world we live in. A healthy brain allows us to maintain focus, keep a clear mind, and stay active doing the things we need to do, and the things we love to do. 

A healthy brain works to support your goals, passions, and overall happiness by offering cognitive benefits. Cognitive benefits like a stronger memory, increased creativity, and better problem-solving skills, can greatly improve our quality of life. But it’s not only the cognitive benefits that are important, it’s the emotional benefits as well. Emotional benefits like being more self-aware and having the ability to better regulate emotions can reduce stress and increase happiness. 

Cognitive and emotional function is vital to every aspect of our life. If you can work to improve your brain health, you may see improvements in your quality of life, your career, your family life, and your relationships with your friends, and you may feel more clear-headed, emotionally balanced, and energetic. 

Overall, improved brain health and brain function can help us to live better lives. 

How can I improve my brain function fast?

If you’re looking to improve your brain function fast, there are several things you may want to incorporate into your life. 

First, you should consider purchasing a variety of vitamins and supplements that help to reestablish connections in the brain and improve cognitive function and emotional balance. 

Here are some of the best vitamins and supplements for improving brain function. 

  • Collagen supplements: Collagen supplements have been shown to help with many aspects of brain health. For example, Collagen can help to protect degenerating neurons in conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. They can also fill in injured areas of the brain to provide some structural support and promote axonal growth. Longevity by Nature’s kollaJell Brain Support is an advanced proprietary blend of highly purified food grade jellyfish collagen.  kollaJell aids “neurotransmitters” during transmission of chemical messages through the brain and nervous system, and in regulating communications between brain cells. 
  • Zinc and iodine: These are both building blocks that can contribute to regulating brain cognition. 
  • Vitamins B6 and B12: Helps to prevent mental fatigue.
  • Omega-3: Essential fatty acid that can promote brain health.

Second, you may want to consider changing your diet and making sure you are getting enough sleep. A healthy adult should be getting about 8 hours of sleep every night. Additionally, many neurologists agree that a quick 30 to 60-minute nap during the day can do a lot to help rejuvenate your brain and keep it sharp all day. 

Last, you should be trying to get at least a little bit of exercise each day. Even if it’s only a 30-minute walk down to the supermarket, being outside and staying active does wonders for improving brain health.

Also, more vigorous activities like jogging, bicycling, or swimming can improve brain health by improving overall cardiovascular health. Having good cardiovascular health is vital to make sure your brain is getting the blood flow it needs to stay sharp and healthy. It can also help to reduce your risk of strokes as you age. 

Top ways to improve brain function

We already mentioned some of the ways you can work to quickly improve brain function, but let us take a look at those we discussed as well as a few other ways that can improve brain health in greater detail. 

  • Natural supplements (KollaJell): Some of the best natural supplements that you may want to consider using to help improve brain function include collagen supplements like KollaJell by Longevity by Nature. KollaJell is naturally sourced collagen from Jellyfish in a capsule form. 

Also, mushroom-based supplements like Lions Mane can help to improve the connections in the brain and improve overall function. 

Other supplements worth considering include vitamins B6 and B12 and Omega-3s.

  • Get enough sleep: Quality sleep is one of the most important contributors to a healthy brain. When you do not sleep well or you do not get enough sleep, your brain is unable to maintain the pathways that help you learn and create new memories. Sleep is essential to helping your neurons communicate effectively with one another. 

Sleep also affects pretty much every part of your body like the brain, heart, lungs, and immune system. Also, good sleep can improve your metabolism, and help to prevent excessive weight gain as well as other negative health conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, depression, and strokes.

  • Exercise: Regular exercise is important to reduce insulin resistance and inflammation in the brain and to stimulate the release of chemicals that can positively affect brain cells and blood vessels in the brain. Exercise can also help to improve mood and sleep as well as reduce stress and anxiety which can further contribute to improved brain function.
  • Stay mentally active: Staying mentally active is critical to improving brain function, especially as you age. Turn off the TV and instead do something creative like painting or playing a musical instrument and try out some logic and word games in your free time. Games like crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and Sodukus can help to keep your brain sharp. 
  • Limit alcohol: Consuming too much alcohol can kill brain cells and stunt the growth of new cells. 
  1. Eat healthy nutritious food: A balanced diet is important for every aspect of your health. When it comes to brain health, you may want to consider adding more of the following into your diet.
    • Salmon, trout, tuna, and sardines.
    • Coffee (In moderation)
    • Blueberries
    • Turmeric
    • Broccoli
    • Pumpkin seeds
    • Dark chocolate
    • Nuts
    • Oranges
    • Eggs
    • Green tea
  • Blood sugar management: Blood sugar management is important to help prevent diabetes and keep the brain healthy. High blood sugar levels can do damage to the blood vessels in your brain. These vessels are crucial to getting oxygen-rich blood to the brain. If your brain is not receiving enough blood, brain cells can die and atrophy can set in. Atrophy is what can lead to memory problems and vascular dementia. 

Discover KollaJell from Longevity by Nature

Staying on the theme of being careful of what we put into our bodies, it’s important to source supplements from trusted supplement brands. For 3 decades and counting, Longevity By Nature has produced 100% natural, clinically proven, FDA compliant, 100% GMO free, and made in the USA supplements. With innovative technology and formulas for all ages, you can always count on LBN to deliver supplements that will promote good health. Developed to improve brain function, Longevity By Nature’s KollaJell is an all natural supplement that you can count on. Since our neurotransmitters are made of protein, and Jellyfish collagen peptides are rich in calcium binding protein and minerals, KollaJell works. As an advanced proprietary blend of highly purified food grade jellyfish collagen, KollaJell is clinically proven to promote brain function. 

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