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Memory Improvement

Tips on How to Improve Your Memory

Memory Diet, Exercises & Nutritional Supplements


We live in an age where memory has become more of a luxury and less of a necessity when it comes to certain information.  Prior to smartphones, you had to either carry a small phone list with you in your purse or wallet or have a really good memory if you wanted to remember people’s phone numbers.  Today, we have grown accustomed to having phone numbers, emails, addresses, passwords, and more, stored in our electronic devices. Not only do we rely on them for storage, but autofill comes in quite handy when your iPhone understands that you need to enter a credit card number or address, and it recalls the information instantly.  

So how do we keep our memory sharp?  Puzzles help. Crosswords, brain-teasers, and other games challenge our brains, and we have more access to them on our tablets and smartphones.  Beyond that, there are three ways to get a memory boost, and Longevity By Nature would like to break down these brain-enhancing solutions.


We’ve heard it for years; you are what you eat.  Scientists are getting really good at identifying the specific health values of the food we eat.  NBC News recently published information on the MIND Diet, a lifestyle of eating the right foods to promote memory health.  The backbone of the MIND Diet is similar to the Mediterranean diet.

People who followed that diet saw a 35% reduction in the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Another study revealed that people who embraced the MIND Diet found themselves to have a brain that was seven-and-a-half years younger than those on other diets.

What to eat?

  • Dark Leafy Greens
  • Other Veggies
  • Nuts
  • Beans and Legumes
  • Berries
  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Whole Grains
  • Extra Virgin Olivia Oil
  • Wine

So eat up and enjoy!


Exercise is an obvious muscle builder, but it also boosts the brain too! Harvard researchers took a close look at the relationship between physical activity and enhance memory and thinking.

Their findings:

Cardio stimulates physiological changes, like insulin resistance and inflammation. It also encourages the production of chemicals that affect grow new blood vessels in the brain. These vessels help preserve and even grow new brain cells.

The researchers found that regular exercise with moderate intensity helps improve the volume in certain brain regions. They also remind us that exercise leads to improved mood and sleep, and that can reduce the negative cognitive impairment, indirectly boosting our memory and thinking.


Did you know that there are health supplements that can boost your memory and brain?  kollaJell promoted brain and memory health support. 

kollaJell™ is an advanced proprietary blend of highly purified food grade jellyfish collagen. Edible jellyfish collagen uniquely supplies the body with special nutrients of collagen and naturally occurring minerals that bind to collagen proteins throughout the extracellular matrix. 

Through research in vitro and in vivo, we learned that jellyfish are not only extraordinary marine creatures, but they naturally contain the key intracellular nutrients that promote healthy connective tissue and brain function.

Would you like to try kollaJell?  You can try it for FREE for a limited time by clicking here.  You can get a free 30-day supply of kollaJell. All you have to do when checking out is use the code kollaJell.  All you pay is $6.95 shipping and handling.




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