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How to Strengthen Nails Naturally

Strengthen Nails Naturally

Male or female, you may be wondering how to strengthen your nails naturally. Keep reading for more information on the secret to strengthening nails naturally.

Tips on how to strengthen your nails and keep them healthy

There are a number of lifestyle changes, healthy habits, and supplements you can work into your routine to help strengthen your nails naturally. Here are a few ways you can strengthen your nails naturally. You can try one or more of these suggestions to see what yields the best results for your body.

  • Collagen: One of the best ways to strengthen your nails (along with your hair and skin) is to try taking a natural collagen supplement. Collagen peptides are clinically proven to improve brittle nails and increase the rate of nail growth.
  • Biotin: Another popular and effective supplement for healthy hair, skin, and nails is Biotin (vitamin B7). It can also be found in some foods like sardines, eggs, and legumes.
  • Shea Butter: The daily use of a hand cream on your nails can go a long way towards keeping your hands healthy and moisturized. Shea butter is especially effective for nourishing and hydrating your skin and nails.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is another great option to deeply hydrate your skin and nails, especially if it is 100% pure. Using aloe vera gel on your nails nourishes your cuticles, strengthens brittle nails, and encourages faster nail growth. Aloe vera juice can also be ingested for even more health benefits.
  • Stay Hydrated: Be sure to drink plenty of water, a smart tip that has lasting benefits on multiple aspects of your health. By increasing your hydration, you will also increase the moisture levels of your hair, skin, and nails – thus encouraging their healthy growth.
  • Avoid Acrylic / Faux Nails: The more you use products like fake nails, the more you damage your own natural nails. When possible, avoid the use of acrylic or fake nails.
  • Minimize Usage of Nail Polish: Likewise, you may want to consider avoiding nail polish. Nail polish remover is especially harsh on both your skin and nails, and every time you remove a coat of polish, your nails can become weaker. If you are a frequent nail polish wearer, try to give your nails a break every now and then.
  • Consider Clean Polish Products: Alternatively, you may be able to minimize the damage down to your nails by using clean or organic nail polish products. For example, look for a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone for a gentler application.
  • Be Careful Using Cleaning Products: Likewise, using harsh cleaning products can also take a toll on your hands including your nails and cuticles. Consider switching to more natural cleaning products and limit your exposure to chemical based products.
  • Wear Dish Gloves: Additionally, you can wear dish gloves when you are doing the dishes as well as when you are cleaning your kitchen or bathroom. The less exposure you have to cleaning products and water, the more you preserve the strength and integrity of your nails as well as protecting your delicate skin.
  • Avoid Hand Sanitizers: Since hand sanitizer is made with alcohol, it can be very drying for the skin and nails. If you must use hand sanitizer try to either moisturize afterwards or use a product that has a built-in moisturizer like aloe vera.
  • File Your Nails with Caution: Using a nail file with a high grit number means that the file will be smoother and gentler on your nails. It is also important to remember to file in one direction instead of using a saw-like motion that can actually damage your nails. Be careful not to overdo filing on the sides of your nails, which can also weaken the nail.
  • Avoid Chemicals: Avoiding chemicals in both your diet and your beauty products can help promote healthier and stronger nails as well as boost your overall health.
  • Healthy Diet: Eating a healthy diet full of vitamins and nutrients can help strengthen your nails as well as provide a whole host of other benefits to your body. Some of the best superfoods for stronger nails include a diet rich in protein like red meat, eggs, and nuts as well as sources of vitamin A like spinach, broccoli, kale, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Adding bone broth to your diet also is extremely beneficial since it helps provide your body with more collagen.
  • See Your Doctor: If you are experiencing ongoing health issues with your nails including severe brittleness, breakage, ingrown nails, or fungal infections – consider seeing your primary care doctor or a dermatologist. A nail treatment can be prescribed if needed or there may be an underlying health condition. You could also consider seeing a licensed esthetician for your advanced nail care needs.

The roadmap to healthy nails is simple. You will want to avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible, while taking supplements and using products that nourish and strengthen your nails.

Supplements like Collagen and Biotin, along with natural topical products like Aloe Vera and Shea Butter can go a long way towards encouraging the growth of strong and beautiful nails.

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