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How to Stay Young and Increase Longevity

Stay Younger

One of life’s greatest questions: how can I stay young and live longer? Youth is a beautiful thing- a time when energy is higher, thoughts are sharper, and we are less prone to illness. Are you wondering how to stay young and increase longevity? This article will go over some things you can implement to your life to start living a life of longevity, in your healthiest form. Take advantage of every benefit your youth provides, older you will thank you. Keep reading as we share actions you can take today to promote a longer, healthier life for your mind, body, and overall well-being.

How can we live longer while staying younger?

It might come as no surprise that diet and lifestyle habits are key factors in increasing longevity and staying young. We will share with you some tips to staying young and increasing longevity, but before we get to that, let’s talk about the “WHY”.  You may be thinking, “okay but WHY” do all of these things aid in keeping us young and living a longer, healthier life? Time for a quick science lesson- but HEY! You are here to read about how to keep your youth, so think of this is us helping you keep that youthful mind sharp. The answer to why all the things you are about to read about aid in keeping us young and achieving our longevity is in our DNA. Specifically,  a part of our DNA called Telomeres.


Telomeres are the piece of our DNA responsible for aging. As telomeres are damaged or shortened, we see and feel the impacts of aging. Throughout our life, our cells are continuously replicating.  As our cells continue to replicate, telomere damage is more likely to happen. Every time our cell replicates some of the bases in our telomeres are lost. There comes a point in which a telomere has lost too many bases (becoming too short) and is no longer able to replicate. This leads to cell death, and is the reason in which we age. While aging is a natural process, it is understandable we would all like to slow the process. Luckily, there are ways in which we can. The biggest contributor to telomere length sustaining is lifestyle. So, now that we have talked about science, let’s go over some ways in which you can implement changes to promote a healthy lifestyle and decrease the impacts of aging. 

Tips to stay young and increase longevity: 

Exercise – Implementing exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes will not only contribute to your overall physical health, but will offer mental health benefits as well. Exercise can boost your mood and help you think more clearly.  

Yoga – Practicing yoga provides an array of benefits for both your mind and your body. Yoga has been shown to improve posture and flexibility, reduce stress, and improve mood. Anti-aging is all about keeping our minds and bodies in their healthiest state. 

Meditate – Meditation offers an incredible benefit to our mental health. By practicing meditation, we can become more self aware, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide our minds more clarity. Research shows that meditation can even reduce age-related memory loss. 

Diet – What we consume plays a large role in staying young and increasing longevity. A good diet is a way in which we can promote a healthy life and increase longevity. Swapping out processed and sugary foods for nutrient dense options is one way in which you can sustain a healthy diet. Things like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes offer anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects for our bodies. Studies have found that superfruits, such as pomegranate, can even help lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure.

Get enough sleep – Sleep health is a critical key to success for achieving a life of longevity. Without proper sleep, our bodies aren’t able to function at their best performance. Unhealthy sleep habits can put you at risk for chronic health conditions and can even reduce life expectancy. While the amount of sleep people need may vary, on average one should aim for sleeping about 7-8 hours each night. 

Reduce stress levels – Stress can impact our body in more ways than we could imagine. One of the overarching impacts stress has on our bodies is its ability to accelerate aging, quite the opposite of what we are hoping to achieve. Stress has the ability to do this because of the hormones we release in times of stress. Cortisol and adrenaline releases cause our blood pressure to rise and the heart to beat faster. Chronic stress can have detrimental impacts on our physical and mental health. In order to combat the negative aging effects of stress, it is important to be mindful of stress levels and proactively instill habits that reduce stress, such as yoga or exercise. 

Try natural supplements – A daily supplement can be a great way to obtain the maximum benefits from the lifestyle changes you make to stay young. A natural supplement will aid in ensuring you are keeping your body in peak physical and mental condition, to enhance a life of longevity. 

What supplements should you be taking? Discover Telos95! 

Remember our science lesson about Telomeres early on? Those Telomeres are a key DNA component that aids in our ability to fight aging, sustain longevity, and hold on to our youth. Taking care of our bodies in our younger years is one way to delay the damaging or shortening of those Telomeres. You should also implement a daily supplement such as Telos95 in order to be sure you are doing all you can for your body to achieve optimal wellness. Telos95 is the only clinically proven Telomere lengthening product. This product has been designed to deliver essential nutrients and vitamins to your cells. With proven clinical studies results showing telomere lengthening within just 6 months of using the product, this is the product you need to increase longevity and hold on to your youth. Healthier cell health aids in delaying aging, preventing disease, and quicker recovery from illness. 


Getting older is a part of life, but we don’t need to feel it. There are things we can do to promote a healthy lifestyle, keeping us young and living a life of longevity. Implementing healthy habits in your day to day routine will help you hold on to your youth and age gracefully. Things like eating healthy, exercising, meditation, and sleep health are all a part of the things that will keep us feeling our best for most of our life. Coupling these daily habits with a supplement such as Telos95 is how you can be sure you are giving it your all to sustain that healthy life and hold on to your youth. While we can’t avoid getting older, we can delay feeling it! Keep your mind and body young with our telomere lengthening Telos95 daily supplement. 


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