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How to reduce cholesterol naturally

How to reduce cholesterol naturally

Many people prefer to regulate their health conditions by natural means. If you’ve  been told you need to reduce your cholesterol levels, dietary changes and other natural methods can help improve your cholesterol without the need for medication. Making just a few simple changes can lower bad cholesterol levels while improving your overall health. Keep reading to learn how to reduce cholesterol naturally.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy, fatty substance present in the cells of your body that is also commonly used as an indicator of heart health. Our bodies need some cholesterol in order to function, but unhealthy cholesterol levels can build up in blood vessels and form plaque that blocks proper blood flow.

There are 2 forms of cholesterol present in the body: low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). High LDL cholesterol leads to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and other health conditions. On the other hand, high HDL can actually decrease your risk of developing these health problems.

Your body’s cholesterol levels are heavily influenced by your lifestyle, your diet, and your genetics. If you have high levels of bad cholesterol, there are measures you can take through lifestyle and diet changes, supplementation or medication.

Is it possible to lower your cholesterol naturally?

There are a number of ways to lower your cholesterol naturally, including changing your diet, incorporating good lifestyle habits, and taking natural supplements like niacin, garlic, or ginger.

Studies have shown that these natural alternatives can lower  cholesterol levels in the body. Taking these steps can improve your overall health and well-being.

Tips to reducing cholesterol the natural way

With the right lifestyle changes, diet, and supplementation you should begin to see an improvement in your cholesterol levels within just a few weeks or months. Learn more about the steps you can take to lower your cholesterol naturally and enjoy a heart-healthy lifestyle:

  • Avoid trans fats: Trans fats, often listed on food labels as “hydrogenated oil” or “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil”, are present in many processed foods and contribute to raising bad cholesterol levels and reducing good cholesterol levels. Cutting these ingredients out of your diet can go a long way towards lowering your cholesterol.
  • Increase soluble fiber in diet: Incorporating high-fiber foods like oats, apples, prunes, and beans help keep your body from absorbing too much cholesterol. Studies show that just 5-10 grams of fiber a day is enough to lower your LDL cholesterol over time.
  • Low fat milk, yogurt, cheese: The whey protein present in dairy products has been proven to lower LDL cholesterol as well as blood pressure. Consider adding more of these foods to your diet to take advantage of this positive effect. You can also take whey protein powder as a supplement to get the same benefits. 
  • Try Natural supplements: The right supplements can go a long way towards helping you lower your cholesterol naturally. For example, Persimonal Supplement for Cardiovascular Health contains compounds that are known to be anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic, and cardioprotective. Taking Persimonal can help keep both cholesterol and blood pressure in normal range.
  • Quit smoking: Smoking can have an effect on both “good” and “bad” cholesterol. In fact, even breathing in secondhand smoke can raise your levels of bad cholesterol. On the other hand, quitting can lead to healthier levels of cholesterol.
  • Omega-3: Omega-3 fats are heart-healthy and proven to help reduce cholesterol. The best sources of healthy omega-3s include wild salmon, sardines, and bluefin tuna.
  • Exercise: Exercising just 2 1/2 hours per week is enough to improve your levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol according to cardiologists.
  • Cut back on sugars: Reducing your intake of sugar, especially added sugars, is extremely beneficial to improving your cholesterol levels as well as your overall health and well-being.
  • Limit alcohol: Drinking alcohol in moderation can help you avoid serious health problems and keep your cholesterol levels in optimal range.
  • Maintain healthy weight: Losing weight can cut down your levels of LDL cholesterol by up to 8%. Keeping your weight in check is one of the most important things you can do to lower cholesterol and improve your overall heart health.

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This industry-leading supplement contains abundant bioactive chemicals, such as flavonoids, polyphenols, organic acids, and vitamins needed to reduce oxidative stress and fight free radicals. In fact, a recent placebo-controlled clinical study found that Persimonal helped improve the cholesterol and blood pressure levels of individuals during the 6-month study.

With a recommended daily serving of 300 mgs, our food-grade persimmon supplement has guaranteed purity and potency and is clinically proven. Best of all, Persimonal™ is certified Kosher and non-GMO with no added fillers, chemicals or pesticides.

The bottom line

With the right attention given to leading a healthy life, it’s very possible to improve your cholesterol levels and heart health through natural means. Eating a healthier diet, taking the right supplementation, keeping your weight in check, and incorporating other lifestyle changes can help lower your “bad” cholesterol and raise your levels of “good” cholesterol. In combination with all of the natural strategies and tips listed above, try Persimonal™ Natural Heart Health Supplement to naturally reduce your cholesterol. 

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