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Does collagen help hair growth?

hair and collagen

Collagen has become increasingly popular among US consumers due to some promising reports of a positive impact on health, hair growth, memory improvement, and more. Primarily, collagen has been used to fight the effects of aging. 

Aging can come with many negative side effects including hair loss, joint pain, and simply being more prone to and taking longer to recover from injuries. Collagen is a structural protein that can help alleviate some of these negative effects and can even help users prevent hair loss, reduce wrinkles, and strengthen their joints and ligaments. 

Natural supplements are a popular at-home treatment that we can work into our daily routine. Implementing a collagen supplement in your regular routine can help you take advantage of the many benefits such as hair growth. One of the best natural collagen supplements on the market is Pure Marine Collagen Peptide Supplement by Longevity By Nature. Longevity By Nature is an all natural supplement company that prides itself in delivering supplements that are made in the USA, FDA compliant, clinically proven, and 100% GMO free. 

Read on as we explore how collagen can help hair growth along with its many other benefits.  

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant type of protein found in animals including humans. This protein makes up much of the structure of human cells and tissues. Although there are approximately 28 known types of collagen, collagen type I makes up over 90% of all the total collagen in the human body. Collagen type I is mainly made up of amino acids like proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline and it can be found in our connective tissues, skin, tendons, bones, cartilage, and hair. Collagen plays a critical role in cellular processes like tissue repair, immune function, and cellular communication and migration.

Although your body naturally produces its own collagen, some people consider taking collagen supplements or putting collagen powder in their morning orange juice or coffee as a way to give their bodies a beneficial collagen boost. Additionally, collagen can be consumed through chicken and fish skins and bone broths. Adding collagen to your diet either through supplements or through natural consumption is a good way to fight aging, relieve joint pain, and improve the quality of your skin and hair. If you’re looking for an all natural collagen supplement to work into your daily routine, try Pure Marine Collagen Peptide Supplement.


Do collagen supplements help with hair growth?

Although there have been some studies conducted that show some correlation between collagen consumption and hair growth, most of these studies were sponsored by entities within the supplement industry. There is truly a lack of pure scientific evidence from neutral sources when it comes to connecting the consumption of collagen supplements with hair follicle regeneration, increased hair density, and the prevention of hair graying and hair loss. 

What we do have, however, are industry-sponsored studies and consumer testimonials containing some demonstrated benefits from consuming collagen. 

Collagen makes up much of the protein in our scalps and hair follicles. Some of the benefits that consumers reported when they were consuming collagen supplements on a regular basis include increased hair elasticity and increased moisture, faster hair growth, increased follicle regeneration, and reduced hair loss. Based on these results, it can be argued that yes, collagen supplements do show some promise when it comes to helping with hair growth and follicle regeneration. 

Benefits of collagen for hair

Consuming collagen in capsule or powder form can provide some benefits for your hair, especially as you get older. Some of the benefits include the following. 

  • Boosts elasticity: Hair elasticity is a sign of hair strength. It essentially refers to how long a strand of hair can stretch before returning to its normal state. Collagen can help increase elasticity in the hair which can help to prevent breakage. 
  • Provides moisture: Dry hair can cause hair to tangle, frizz, and cause split ends. Dry hair also is more likely to fall out or break. Collagen can help your hair retain moisture to give it elasticity and strength as well as a healthy shine that looks good. 
  • Promotes hair growth: Consuming proline-rich collagen can provide your body with the structural amino acids needed to create new hair. Proline is an essential amino acid that is also one of the main components of keratin. Keratin is the largest component of our hair. 
  • Follicle regeneration: Collagen is also an antioxidant that can fight against free radicals that develop in the body and that can damage hair follicles. Free radicals develop in the body over time from air pollutants, smoking, poor diet, stress, excessive alcohol consumption, and UV exposure. These free radicals can be neutralized from causing harm to hair follicles by consuming antioxidants found naturally in foods and in collagen supplements. Not only can collagen help prevent damage to hair follicles, but it can also help regenerate hair follicles. 
  • Prevent or slow down graying: The graying of hair is mainly caused by genetics, however, free radicals that cause damage to cells can also cause grayness. Again, collagen is a natural antioxidant that can help fight free radicals that cause damage on a cellular level. 
  • Maintain a healthy scalp: Not only does collagen contribute to the elasticity, moisture, and strength of your hair, but it also contributes to the elasticity and strength of your scalp. Collagen comprises up to 70% of the dermis. The dermis is the middle layer of skin that is home to every individual hair root. 

What should you look for in a hair dietary supplement?

If you’re experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, you may want to consider adding a hair dietary supplement to your diet. The main dietary supplement that you may want to consider is collagen. Collagen that is naturally sourced from wild fish collagen can be easily absorbed by the human body. Pure Marine Collagen Peptide Supplement by Longevity By Nature contains wild caught cod and 18 collagen amino acids. In addition to high-quality and naturally sourced collagen, you could also consider supplements that contain silica, vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids, and iron.

What is the best dietary supplement for hair growth?

One of the best dietary supplements for hair growth is Pure Marine Collagen Peptide Supplement by Longevity by Nature. The naturally sourced collagen is loaded with essential amino acids that can help promote hair growth and follicle regeneration. 

Discover Pure Marine Collagen Peptide Supplement from LBN

Pure Marine Collagen Peptide Supplement is naturally sourced from high quality wild caught fish collagen. In addition to the naturally sourced collagen, Pure Marine Collagen Peptide Supplement contains special nutrients and minerals that help the collagen proteins bind to cells. These collagen proteins can help increase hair elasticity and moisture, improve hair strength, maintain scalp health, and even help to reduce graying by combating free radicals. 

Longevity By Nature (LBN) is an all-natural supplement company that takes pride in delivering the purest and safest supplements. For 3 decades and counting, Longevity By Nature has produced 100% natural, clinically proven, FDA compliant, 100% GMO free, and made in the USA supplements. With innovative technology and formulas for all ages, you can always count on LBN to deliver supplements that will promote good health.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that collagen can promote hair growth and overall health. Taking a natural daily collagen supplement can deliver plenty of benefits. However, you should keep in mind that what you put in your body is what you get out. When it comes to choosing a supplement, be sure to verify ingredients, reviews, where the supplement is made, and other pertinent details. For supplements you can always take with confidence, shop Longevity By Nature.

Promote hair growth with a daily collagen supplement. . . try LBN’s Pure Marine Collagen Peptide Supplement risk-free today!

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