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Can Collagen Supplements Help for Arthritis?

collagen powder for arthritis

Arthritis is a difficult condition to battle as it affects mobility and comfort. As you search for some relief there are natural supplements and routine habits that can help arthritis. Let’s focus on collagen and how it can help arthritis. 

Collagen is vital for helping us retain our strength as we age. This naturally occurring protein can help to maintain our bone mass and keep our muscles lean and strong. Collagen can also help keep our joints strong and flexible, helping to reduce the risk of sprains and strains as we age. As we age, natural collagen production can level off and decrease. Therefore, natural collagen supplements can help keep our bodies balanced and strong.

So, what is the best collagen supplement for arthritis?

Pure Marine Collagen Peptide Dietary Supplement by Longevity By Nature is the best collagen supplement for arthritis. Sourced from 100% Wild Caught from the Bering Sea, this anti-aging joint formula is clinically proven and made in the USA. If you’re suffering from arthritis, you must try LBN’s Pure Marine Collagen Supplement. Keep reading to learn more about how collagen can help arthritis. 

What is collagen?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that is responsible for producing connective tissue. This protein reinforces tissue to make it stronger, more resilient, and flexible. Collagen could be considered a major building block that is found in our bones, skins, muscles, tendons, and cartilage. 

Although our bodies naturally produce collagen, as we age, collagen production can gradually decrease. 

Also, outside elements such as excess alcohol consumption, smoking, sun exposure, bad diet, lack of sleep, and limited exercise can also hinder natural collagen production and make existing collagen fibers thinner and weaker.

Collagen can also be found naturally in some of the foods we eat. For example, some foods that are rich in collagen include tougher meats like brisket and pot roast and the bones and skin of chicken and fish. 

A popular dish for people looking to increase their collagen intake is bone broth. Bone broth can actually be quite delicious if it is cooked properly and it can provide whoever consumes it a boost of collagen and amino acids. 

Some other foods that can help boost collagen production in the body include eggs, dairy, beans, and soy. Also, a diet containing a fair amount of nuts, seeds, whole grains, and leafy greens can also help boost collagen production. 

Types of collagen

Although scientists have identified approximately 28 different types of collagen, there are only five main types that have been identified as the five that make up the highest percentage of all of the collagen in the human body. 

Here is a quick breakdown of those five types and where they can be found.

  • Type I: 90% of the total collagen in the body is considered Type I. Type I collagen is dense and it provides structural support for your bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin.
  • Type II: Type II collagen is located in your cartilage and provides flexibility and strength to your joints. 
  • Type III: Type III collagen is located in your muscles and organs like your heart and liver. 
  • Type IV: Type IV collagen is located in your skin.
  • Type V: Type V collagen is located in your cornea, skin, and hair.

Can collagen supplements help with arthritis?

Although you may find mixed research, there are trials that demonstrate that supplements containing Type II collagen, such as LBN’s Pure Marine Collagen,  can help to protect and rebuild joint cartilage. 

People who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis often have some significant damage done to their joints. In addition to taking a natural collagen supplement, people who suffer from arthritis can examine their lifestyle choices to increase exercise and include foods that are natural anti-inflammatories. 

Types of collagen supplements

There are three main types of collagen supplements that consumers can choose from. There are gelatin, hydrolyzed, and undenatured collagen supplements. Let’s take a look at the differences between the different types of collagen supplements.


Gelatin and collagen both contain the same 19 amino acids that naturally occur in our body. The main difference is that gelatin can be a much more enjoyable substance to consume than other types of collagen. For example, aside from taking a gelatin supplement, you could simply make a bowl of your favorite Jell-O flavor. 


Hydrolyzed collagen supplements, which may also be referred to as peptides, are supplements that are made from broken-down collagen found naturally in fish and other marine wildlife. LBN’s Pure Marine Collagen features Hydrolyzed Collagen Type I & II. It supplies the body with 18 collagen amino acids that support healthy connective tissue throughout the body.


Undenatured collagen supplements are typically made from Type II collagen sourced from chicken sternum cartilage. These supplements aim directly at supporting cartilage. 

Benefits of collagen for arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis, you may want to consider taking a collagen supplement to help reduce overall joint pain, stiffness, and other symptoms related to both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. Collagen has been known to help support cartilage and reduce inflammation in joints for people with arthritis. 

Aside from symptom relief, people who suffer from arthritis can also reap the additional benefits of consuming collagen. Collagen can help to boost muscle mass and bone density, both of which are critical for supporting your joints. 

Can collagen help rheumatoid arthritis?

Yes, consuming collagen both through food and natural supplements can help reduce some of the negative side effects and symptoms that come with rheumatoid arthritis. Some of those symptoms include joint pain, and stiffness caused by inflammation. Collagen is a natural anti-inflammatory. 

What is the best collagen supplement for arthritis?

For arthritis relief, try Longevity By Nature’s Pure Marine Collagen anti-aging formula. With clinically proven results, it can promote better joint flexibility and strength as well as hair strength, nail growth, and healthy skin. Our collagen supplement is 100% naturally sourced from marine animal sources and contains non-GMO food-grade enzymes to break down the collagen for better absorption. 

Discover Pure Marine Collagen Peptide Dietary Supplement 

If you are considering adding a natural collagen supplement to your already well-balanced and healthy diet, then you’ll want to try Pure Marine Collagen Peptide Dietary Supplement from Longevity by Nature. To learn more about the benefits of Pure Marine Collagen by LBN, click here

Longevity By Nature is an all natural supplement company that’s been hard at work for 3 decades and counting. Our supplements are clinically proven, made in the USA, FDA compliant, and 100% GMO free. Our products are the result of research and development and innovative raw material technology. Every capsule we produce is filled with high-end pharmaceutical food grade ingredients with all cofactor constituents intact. 

Slow down the aging process and get arthritis relief. . . try Pure Marine Collagen today!

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