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Amazing Benefits of the Olive Leaf Extract

What Is Olive Leaf Extract and What Is It Good For?

Amazing benefits of olive leaf extract

Research surrounding nutrition has shown us over the years just how impactful the things we consume can be to our overall health and quality of life. Certain diets have been recognized for their ability to reduce the likelihood of chronic diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes. A diet praised for its success in promoting health is the Mediterranean diet, which has been scientifically shown to reduce the likelihood of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and more. If you have heard of the Mediterranean diet, you may have also heard of one of the key staples within the diet, the olive leaf. With the many benefits an olive leaf provides, why not extract that to a more condensed state? Olive leaf extract benefits our bodies and overall health in many ways. This article will answer the question you may be pondering,  what is olive leaf extract good for? 

What Is Olive Leaf Extract?

Olive leaf extract is a concentrated source of the benefits that come from the olive leaf. The olive leaf is shown to provide an incredible source of antioxidants and healing properties. The main component of olive leaf extract, oleuropein, is shown to have an abundance of health-promoting properties.  Keep reading to see just how this powerful source can provide so many health benefits. 

How Does Olive Leaf Extract Benefit You?

Olive leaf extract provides many healing properties that aid in your overall wellness. Benefits of olive leaf extract include heart health, improved blood pressure, DNA health protection, joint protection, and more. Olive leaf extract can provide protection from the damage of all five common free radicals. Free radicals cause disease by targeting and damaging various molecules in the body such as lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Free radicals can both be formed through both natural processes within our body or through external exposure to things such as air pollution and ozone. At a macro level, the body needs a healthy balance of antioxidants to those free radicals in order to maintain its normal functions. When free radicals start to outweigh those antioxidants, cellular damage and disease occurs. With that being said, augmented antioxidant sources may be a  necessary component to combat the damage that both natural and externally created free radicals can endure on our body’s normal productions. Olive leaf extract is a concentrated source of antioxidants that can provide you with boosted protection from molecular damage. 

Top Benefits of the Olive Leaf Extract

Heart health – Things like high blood pressure and high cholesterol are common causes and risk factors for heart disease. Research has shown that olive leaf extract has the capabilities to reduce the amount of LDL (bad cholesterol) that can be built up in our arteries. This in turn is able to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which can help promote a healthy heart free of disease.

Lowers blood pressure – While our blood pressure changes throughout the day and depends on our activities, consistently high blood pressure can be damaging to our body’s functions. One of the causes of high blood pressure is due to a build-up of things like cholesterol and fat in our arteries. This can slow down or block flow within arteries altogether. With olive leaf extract’s ability to reduce the amount of build-up in our arteries, blood is able to flow more freely (meaning less pressure). Having higher blood pressure can put a lot of stress on the body, which can lead to damage or disease in multiple systems.

Immune system support – Earlier we mentioned that olive leaf extract contained a variety of polyphenols. One of these polyphenols is called oleuropein. Research has shown that oleuropein has antimicrobial and antiviral effects. By attacking viruses and bacterias that may make us sick, olive leaf extract (and oleuropein) have the ability to promote a healthy immune system. 

Antibacterial properties – The antimicrobial benefit from olive leaf extract and oleuropein has been shown to be effective in combating bacterias such as major foodborne pathogens. 

DNA health protection – We earlier discussed how free radicals can cause a disturbance in the balance of our bodies’ productions by attacking multiple molecular structures, inclusive of DNA. The antioxidant properties of olive leaf extract aid in stabilizing the oxygen balance when free radicals begin to exist in abundance within our bodies. 

Fights viruses – Viruses take over our body by invading our cells and continuously replicating themselves. Olive leaf extract has been shown to have antiviral properties by reducing the ability of viruses to replicate themselves. Without the ability to replicate, viruses are likely to wreak much less havoc (if any) on our bodies. 

Protects joints and bones – As we age, our joints and bones may begin to suffer from deterioration. Olive leaf extract offers a benefit of reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, which can better protect our joints and bones. 

Benefits for cancer patients – Nutritional supplements such as Hydroxytyrosol have numerous health benefits for cancer patients. Taking this type of nutritional supplement can benefit cancer patients with stomach adenocarcinoma on docetaxel treatment and individuals at genetic risk of cancer due to mutation of gene TERT.

Try Olea25

With all the benefits you have seen that can come from olive leaf extract, why not implement it into your daily routine? Olea25 (a 25% Hydroxytyrosol supplement) is a therapeutic food-grade polyphenol sourced right from organic olive leaves. Having the number one oxygen radical absorbance capacity worldwide, Olea25 can provide you with all the benefits we have discussed in this article. This is inclusive of combating the most common free radicals, providing health benefits such as heart health promotion, antimicrobial and antiviral effects, DNA health protection, and more. If you are reading this article you are likely already interested in how to promote and sustain a healthier life free of disease. Olea25 by Longevity By Nature is pesticide-free, additive and filler-free, and 100% GMO-free, making it the right choice if you are seeking a healthy additive for your wellness needs. 


Studies have shown that olive leaves provide an array of benefits when incorporated into our diets. With high antioxidant properties, olive leaf extract can help combat the damage that free radicals may cause when in abundance in the body. Damage from the oxidative stress incurred by free radicals can happen in multiple molecular structures within the body, causing a variety of illnesses and diseases. Olive leaf extract is a concentrated form of the antioxidative properties coming from the olive leaf. With these health benefits including promoting a healthy heart and body, why wouldn’t you incorporate this powerful source of antioxidants and polyphenols into your routine? Olea25 is a highly therapeutic food-grade polyphenol that can provide you with a simple daily source of antioxidants extracted right from organic olive leaves. Longevity by Nature is a natural supplement company that offers Olea25. Longevity by Nature products are made in the USA, 100% GMO free, and FDA compliant. 

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