Shortened Telomeres and Cancer: The Connection

If you are a loyal reader of the Longevity By Nature Blog, you are no doubt familiar with telomere shortening. Therefore, you also know about the importance of fighting that occurrence to preserve, or even extend, your cellular age. While we know that shortening of telomeres can shorten your lifespan, experts in the field say Read More

Connecting Telomere Length and Prader-Willi Syndrome

If you read our news column here at Longevity By Nature, you know the importance of telomeres and how their length plays a direct role in a person’s lifespan. We were intrigued to learn of a new study surrounding telomeres and Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS).   For those not familiar with PWS, the National Institute of Health describes Read More

Biohacking Your Way to Longer Telomeres

In this modern world of health, wellness, and science-minded thinking by the average person, an annual physical at the doctor isn’t cutting it anymore. People want more.   We are seeing a society where each person is redefining his or her personal care.  People want for health what the iPhone is doing for technology-minded individuals. They Read More

Amino Acids Profile in Jellyfish Collagen

What are Amino Acids?  Amino acids are essential  for the human body. They are considered to be building blocks of protein. Amino acids help our bodies break down food, restore tissue, give the body energy, and much more. Our bodies contain 11 nonessential amino acids.  They are alanine, proline, glutamic acid, arginine, cysteine, asparagine, glycine, Read More

TWO Marine Collagen Sources / Brain & Memory Support + Flawless Skin Benefits

When it comes to collagen, we understand that there are many different formulas to choose from. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out, which is best for you. So, why Pure Marine Collagen Peptide™?  Hydrolyzed collagen type I & III is sourced from wild caught cod. Collagen type I & III only comes from Read More

How to Protect Your Cells from Wireless Technology

Face it; society is glued to their wireless devices. Between smartphones, wireless earbuds, tablets, and laptops, we are constantly living in a field of radiofrequency. There’s no doubt; we’ve conformed to become a society dependent on these devices. We almost feel naked without them.  But does our reliance on wireless technology, come at a cost? Read More

The Clean Label Trend

We learn how we can better care for our bodies from the inside/out and spend more time researching what we put into our bodies.  Most importantly, we are becoming more aware about what NOT to put into our bodies. Are you more inclined to buy food or dietary supplements when you know the ingredients on Read More

How Can I Protect My Telomeres?

Telomeres play a very important role with our DNA chromosomes. They are located at the bottom of each chromosome that determines our genetic makeup inherited by our parents. Even though telomeres are designed to shorten as we age, we have more control over their length than most people are aware of.  If you have long telomeres, Read More

Does Telos95® really work? See TeloYear™ Clinical Study Results

Telos95® is the only plant-based, dietary supplement that has proven to lengthen telomeres and lower cellular age. Learn more about TeloYear Age™ decrease and lengthening telomeres in just 6 months. Published study in HealthMED – Volume 13 : Number 1 : 2019 You might be wondering, what are telomeres? What is Telos95® and how does Read More